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07 DAVID STAR - TEXAS II daniele
Templates SRD, Render Burnout/Blender, numbers BER, numbers BER, ratings and new box me.
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM2 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. FillWarmer

    FSB Racing Brings Back GTP Racing! (2020)

    Our webpage has been the page many have visited to download GTP for NR2003. The home of GTP racing returns to road racing every Wednesday, at 10:00PM EST. If you're interested in racing with us, please read, and register for FSB racing on our Registration...
  2. FillWarmer

    NRTV in 2020

    Does anyone here remember how to create a track image for NRTV? I have the picture of the track from sandbox, I have no idea how to align it properly. All archives yield no results for the track image creation how to's, that were posted back in the day. Does ANYONE remember this old thing? Thanks
  3. FillWarmer

    Nr2003 Cycling Server Question

    So I'm setting up a server in nr2003 and it's going very well. I've got Ai in there, and I have the tracks looping, which is nice. I'm cycling through the tracks Atlanta, Daytona, Talladega, and homestead. But Atlanta is the only one I can set a fixed setup for. I'm guessing because it is in...
  4. FillWarmer

    FSB Racing is looking for applicants.

    Fresno to Shell Beach Racing was founded to create a community of drivers that encourages sportsmanship and requires ethical conduct from its club members. - FSB currently runs three 12 race championship seasons per year. At the beginning of 2020, we started our 36th season at FSB. Qualifying...
  5. FillWarmer


    Has anyone here messed with GNL.TV in anyway? It seems like it’s something that has great potential, but I have no idea how it works. ive always wondered if there was a way to make something like this but completely offline. It’s very interesting To me. Has anyone messed with it?
  6. FillWarmer

    Splutterfish Brazil RS v1.2.66 Help

    Hey all! I've been looking for Splutterfish Brazil RS v1.2.66 so I can run it with 3ds max 9 to render some areo88 models, in scenes created by studnod. If anyone has anything or everything, It would be greatly appreciated. If you have it and don't know how you can get it to me, let me know...