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  1. ThatOneShredder

    SRD CWS Offline League Silly Season Thread

    Ahlbrand Racing Set to Return at Lucas Oil Raceway Alikz Ahlbrand today announced the full resurrection of his team, Ahlbrand Racing, to compete at Lucas Oil Raceway and Homestead-Miami Speedway. Partering with Chevrolet and Eneos, the team plans to run full-time in the 2020 SRD Super Truck...
  2. ThatOneShredder

    2019 SRD SuperTruck Series - Round 11 - Richmond

    "First of all, what a great job these guys did getting these Ram trucks set up for this weekend. It's awesome to make my pavement return and run so strong. It looks like the boss man put a whooping on em, I'll have to go up to victory lane here in a minute. But wow, talk about a race! I really...
  3. ThatOneShredder

    2019 SRD SuperTruck Series - Round 11 - Richmond

    Pretty excited about our race tonight. Been top fifteen all day long, and even though we didn't set one fast lap in final practice, we were trying some different things to help the long run. I can't wait to race tonight, I think we've got a great shot to have a top five run, and who knows, maybe...
  4. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    No way Larson is going to the 48 unless Rick let's him run whatever dirt races he wants, which isn't how Rick runs his team.
  5. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Hoosier tires :D
  6. ThatOneShredder

    2020 Cup - #9

    First or third one are great. The black one (IMO) is atrocious. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the orange from the a post on up. It looks so lazy and half-assed. Same with the fourth one with the random bar door to door across the front.
  7. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Imagine if everyone wrote off Logano after he got the boot at JGR.... Chemistry is very underestimated. If you don't gel with people, you won't succeed. Hope the best for him, he's pretty exciting to watch.
  8. ThatOneShredder

    Mustang or Kia?

    Buying the Kia would have you putting a big chunk down and then making payments, which helps build your credit score. If that's something you're looking to do, I'd go that route. I wouldn't do that unless you have plenty more cash set aside for surprise repairs. If the Mustang is what you want...
  9. ThatOneShredder

    2019 Drydene 400 at Dover International Speedway Race Weekend Discussion

    McMurray and Montoya both won races in 2010, although I tend to forget Montoya winning at Watkins Glen.
  10. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Cindric in the 22, I'm sure someone decent (not Joe Graf Jr) will be in the 2, Custer has to find room somewhere or he's in the 00 for another year, Briscoe I could see being a threat if he returns to the 98, maybe Brandon Jones finally starts winning races. There's still a handful of guys who...
  11. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Heat 4

    I caved and bought it. It's a lot of fun, I just wish the career mode wouldn't freeze and become unplayable.
  12. ThatOneShredder

    Where were you, 9/11/2001?

    I was six, less than a month into first grade (back when schools around here didn't start until late August). I don't remember if we went into a lockdown or not. Anyways, kids started getting called to the office for their parents' arrival to pick them up. My mom (who at the time worked morning...
  13. ThatOneShredder

    2019 Monster Cup - #8

    Potential retard alert.... Did the Red Kap scheme ever run?
  14. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    We'll see. I think they got a little ahead of themselves this year and reeled back a little bit. We'll see come off season what their intentions are.
  15. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    So here's a thought, and it's pretty "alternate universe" stuff, but.... what about DiBenedetto possibly getting with GMS? They're a team that wants to go to cup the right way, having the money and resources to be contending for top tens right out of the gate. Possible scenario would have...
  16. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Heat 4

    Honestly tempted to get a modern console and get this game....
  17. ThatOneShredder

    Your Random Thought

    Don't ever go full retard... but if you must, stick to your guns. Keep it up, fam. /s
  18. ThatOneShredder

    2019 Monster Cup - #42

    When Aaron was down here at the Indianapolis shop a couple weeks ago, I pitched Irwin's 2000 Bell South car (with Clover) and Robby Gordon's 1997 Coors car (with Credit One) as they were both SABCO cars, which ultimately became Chip Ganassi Racing. He told me Clover would be on the car and that...
  19. ThatOneShredder

    NASCAR Heat 4

    Joe Nemechek and Jennifer Jo Cobb ahead of Harrison Burton. I love it.