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    Should Daytona have 1 race?

    Random thought I had a few days ago. Maybe I'm ignorant about this, but why is the Daytona 500 labeled as more prestigious then the July Daytona race? If I was a new NASCAR fan I wouldn't understand why it was. Sure they will tell you on TV that it is the biggest race of the year, but why is it...
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    Games That Are Modable Like NR2003

    Are there any games like NR2003 that have a large community that have tons of created tracks and cars and a large community creating them? Is there any that allows you to edit driver ratings like NR2003? The only one I can find is RFactor but they don't let you edit driver ratings. Thanks :)
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    Replacing Walls With Safer Barriers

    I wanted to add some short tracks to a cup series offline league that I am doing and I wanted to add some tracks that didn't have safer barriers. If I got permission from the creator I wanted to replace the concrete walls with safer barriers for realism seeing that all of the Cup tracks have...
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    NR2003 CD Won't Work

    I tried opening up NASCAR Racing 2003 and the CD is too scratched and it won't work. I'm so angry at myself for not keeping better care of it. Anyways does anyone know is there is any place that I can get the game from? My computer won't work at all and I don't have any access to the files on...
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    How Long Does It Take To Paint A Car?

    I have a question. I race in a fictional racing league that I created with fictional drivers and teams all with extensive back stories. It's a fictional racing league that I worked really hard on and it's pretty in-depth with the backstories and everything. The ratings are also determined based...
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    How Were NASCAR DNQs Determined Before 1997

    I'm planning to sim NASCAR races for an offline league and when I was looking up information for past races I noticed something weird about the cars that did not qualifying for each race, and I was wondering if people who watched during that time period could help me out with this, because I can...
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    Any DETAILED books about NASCAR history?

    I've heard people talk about how drivers like Dale Jr., Jeff Burton, Brad Keselowksi etc. are very well versed in the history of NASCAR, and I've been trying to find some good NASCAR books about the history of NASCAR because I want to be just like those drivers Dale Jr, Brad Keselowksi etc. But...
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    Favorite Road Course Mod

    What's your favorite road course or nr2003? Mine is PWF trans am and then gtp. I really like the look of the PWF trans am too, it might the best looking nr2003 car imo.
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    NR2003 Save Game Editor - Unsupported File Type

    Hi! I had a quick question about the Nr2003 save game editor. I saved the results for qualifying, and when I tried to open those results with the NR2003 Save Game Editor it told me: "Unsupported File Type" "The save game file could not be opened." Does anyone have any idea why this error is...
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    iRacing Cheating

    I would like to race with iRacing because of the realistic nature of the tracks and cars. You can't get any more realistic. Now I am content with racing against NR2003 AI but I definitely am interested in iRacing. The one thing that I am worried about is playing against users who are...
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    NR2003 Ratings Guide

    Each of these ratings where tested with 15-17 races. Not a huge sample size, but I believe it was large enough. 21 of the 42 cars in the race had the rating in question set to 61-61, the other 21 cars had 60-60. All the races were run at the original Atlanta track, and I used the Gen6 Bullring...
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    NR2003 CD Ruined

    My NR2003 CD is ruined. It won't work no matter what I do. I am so angry at myself. Anyways I tried every "free nr2003" "no cd" nr2003 "patches" on the internet. Not one will work for me. I either get a run time error, a no cd inserted error, or a m....... is missing (I can't remember the full...
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    Anyone Have Daytona Beach Nr2003 Track?

    None of the track links on this page work Was wondering if anyone had it.
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    Can't Save Replays To Races

    This might be the biggest n00b question ever related to NR2003. But I can't find a cure. I want to save replays to my nr2003 races for a offline league I'm about to do. I'm not racing these races because I haven't gotten a steering wheel and gas petal yet. I watch/sim the races and at the...
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    NR2003 Races Not Saving

    I'm having a problem. I just got NR2003 and I wanted to do this league. I would sim the events watch the events and calculate the races. I tested a race using the original cup cars that came with the game. Everything worked great Race Points Manager could calculate the results. But every since...
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    Racing Seat

    Anyone know where I can get a good racing seat? The cheaper the better. I'm broke :(
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    Hi my name is John. New to sim racing in general. I was one second away from getting nascar 2003 from ebay. It was for under 30 dollers also! Oh well. Hopefully I'll get it soon! *Cheap Plug* I'm actually going to start a sim league on here. It will start when I eventually get the game...