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  1. Mike24

    *RESULTS POSTED* 2018 Federated Auto Parts 400 SRD Pick' Em (ROUND OF 16)

    Pole: KyBu Xfinity: Chastain 1. KyBu 2. Logano 3. Larson 4. Johnson 5. Truex
  2. Mike24

    *Results Posted* 2018 South Point Hotel & Casino 400 at Las Vegas SRD Pick' Em

    1. Blaney 2. Harvick 3. Bowman 4. Larson 5. KyBu
  3. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 10: Sonoma

    MP00: "Woohoo! My goodness, what a great #00 St. Paul's Outreach Ford Fusion we had today. First win since 2011. We've had good cars all year, but things just have not seemed to go our way. Especially the other week at Lime Rock when I felt we had a car capable of winning only to get caught up...
  4. Mike24

    Race 4 - Martinsville - 2018

    MP68: "Drove through another wreck..."
  5. Mike24

    SRD IndyCar 2018: Driver Signups

    I will be putting the IndyCar helmet back on the shelf.
  6. Mike24

    Race 4 - Martinsville - 2018

    CC68: "Keep moving forward, MP. Lead lap. We've avoided 6 or 7 wrecks to get here. Anything more is just icing". MP68: "Yeah...tell me about it. Amazon must have had some PRIME screentime because of us." CC68: *thunk* *thunk* *thunk*
  7. Mike24

    Race 1: Daytona - 2018

    "Man, we had a great car today. A shame we got damage in that early wreck, definitely would have had more speed at the end. But just really pleased to run well today. I thought we had a shot at the end with Zoom pushing us, but with the damage from earlier, just got tight when we got clean air...
  8. Mike24

    Race 1: Daytona - 2018

    "Really happy and grateful for the opportunity Kyle is giving me to run some National Series races in the 68 car this season. Its been a while since I've been in one of these...last time I drove one it was a Chevy Impala...20011?...that was a while back...but we had a good test. Hopefully we can...
  9. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 7: Coca-Cola

    That was a really fun broadcast to read through, Chev! Awesome job! "Really, really happy with the the SPO Ford team today. My guys gave me a great car and it felt like old times on these drafting tracks. Stayed smart, ran our race, and was around at the end with a chance. Really blessed to...
  10. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 7: Coca-Cola

    "We ran well at Daytona this year, but its about being in the right place at the right time and making smart moves. Basically, I'll be strapping in the car and praying for a clean race, and we'll see where things shake out in the end. Early in my career I was always pretty stout at these...
  11. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 6: Old Spice

    "We had a really good car, and this was going to be a good race to get a good result for us. Unfortunate that a mistake put us behind, but really proud of how my guys came together to rally. We passed some cars to come up from the back to finish mid-pack. Just a shame we couldn't stay with the...
  12. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 All-Star/Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte SRD Pick' Em Series

    Xfinity: KyBu Cup: 1. Harvick 2. Almirola 3. Blaney 4. KyBu 5. Kez
  13. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 KC Masterpiece 400 at Kansas Speedway SRD Pick' Em

    Pole: KyBu Trucks: Crafton 1. Harvick 2. KyBu 3. Truex 4. Almirola 5. Hamlin
  14. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 6: Old Spice

    "Looking forward to this race. We've had good road course cars, and I'm looking forward to running 1-2 with The Mizz."
  15. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 AAA 400 Drive For Autism at Dover - 2018 SRD Pick' Em Series

    Xfinity: Bell 1. Elliott 2. KyBu 3. Logano 4. Almirola 5. Harvick
  16. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 GEICO 500 at Talladega SRD Pick' Em Series

    Pole: Elliott Xfinity: Sadler 1. Blaney 2. Keselowski 3. Menard 4. Stenhouse Jr. 5. Elliott
  17. Mike24

    Season 8, Race 5: Bristol

    #00 MP: "Man, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time too often today. But I'm happy with a 14th. My guys really pulled together to work on the crash damage, and we kept our heads up. Its been a rough go since our great run at Daytona, but I'm optimistic. Heading to a road course next...
  18. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond Raceway: SRD Pick' Em Series

    Pole: Larson Xfinity: Cindric 1. Larson 2. Blaney 3. KyBu 4. Almirola 5. Bowyer
  19. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 Food City 500 at Bristol: 2018 SRD Pick' Em Series

    Pole: Jones Xfinity: Bell 1. KyBusch 2. Larson 3. Logano 4. Jones 5. Kez
  20. Mike24

    ***RESULTS POSTED*** 2018 STP 500 at Martinsville - 2018 SRD Pick' Em Series

    Pole: Larson Trucks: Sauter 1. KyBu 2. Hamlin 3. Elliott 4. Blaney 5. Logano