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  1. Ratchet

    Quick Question

    yes, i know it only uses 1 cpu core, only 30% of 1 cpu core. and only 14% of my gpu, utilizing only 256 MB of video memory lol. my OLD gpu was utilized to 100% running 100+ fps, the processor never changed. I have no reason to tweak the game any more, its on max settings along with my GPU...
  2. Ratchet

    Quick Question

    After installing my copy of Nr2003 after years on not playing it, i noticed something. im running 40 fps on newer hardware, also its only using 14% of my GPU.... i would understand this if Vsync was on at 60 FPS, the game is not laggy, BUT, ony reaches 40 fps then dies out to 35 or so. Im...
  3. Ratchet

    Oldie Miller Lite Scheme

    looks good
  4. Ratchet

    Dale Sr. Sig (signatures in general)

    thank you man, i appreciate it!
  5. Ratchet

    Dale Sr. Sig (signatures in general)

    i havent been around the last few years on SRD or nascar painting in general, but, i remember i had more than a few spots to get driver signatures to add to my cars, ive been lookin around( or i just suck at looking) i cannot find any signatures sadly :( any help is appreciated
  6. Ratchet

    Classic Mixers looking for the classic mixers logo in this picture
  7. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    being that i just got back into nr2003 - going to be making alot of cars :) just put on the Q logo - sig etc car is almost done just a few touch ups on placement etc, if u want a car painted PM me, bored over here!
  8. Ratchet

    #51 Battlefield 3 Chevy Impala

    i like the white numbers, if the top is orange white side, if side numbers are orange, top should be white :) as far as BF3 goes i just dont find it as fun, really cool game, just not for people that like to get alot of kills :)
  9. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    got the base done, sponsors stamped, looking for signature etc if you want the car when im done Pm me :)
  10. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    thanks, was lookin for it this mornin - finishing up the car, then to render it :)
  11. Ratchet

    My "Mylowes" Scheme

    very nice!
  12. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    thanks man\
  13. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    this is a WiP being i dont have pictures of the back/decklid etc i have a base and will be finishing the sponsors tonight :)
  14. Ratchet

    2007 #48 Lowes

    Just got back into NR2003 and saw new template/viewer etc etc etc...... had to re visit my most favorite paint scheme of all time
  15. Ratchet

    2012 Alternate carset

    yea if you want someone to do 1 or 2 i can - open for business :)
  16. Ratchet

    Carviewer cup 12/ coming back to nr2003

    thank you sir, its been along time since i have been in the community, i guess i had overlooked it :) thanks for the help
  17. Ratchet

    Frame drop after Install of Win 7

    if no one has already posted, Vsync lowers your framerate to lock in a FPS so it does not jump around also allowing no movement glitches etc, if you turn that off, your frame rate will go up :)
  18. Ratchet

    Carviewer cup 12/ coming back to nr2003

    i have been gone for quite some time, just re joined the community again after getting a new pc (my old one died - that is why i have been absent) - i notice the new cup12 models are bit different and i do not have any viewer files anymore since i got this pc re installed my photoshop from disc...
  19. Ratchet

    A Kyle Busch one.

    we will never forget
  20. Ratchet

    My Home Track :D

    Michigan International Raceway is being repaved, but thats not my news story on it. Apparently, the drivers kept a small detail about Michigan secret. MIS is actualy and has always been progressively banked, 18 deg at bottom 21 at top, rather cool news for me but it was not enough for anyone to...