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  1. HJimenez42

    Why hard liquor and cigarettes can't sponsor a car anymore?

    I was watching some CART racing from 1999 - 2000 and I remembered that I loved Dario Franchitti's car with the sponsor of Kool cigarettes and Greg Moore being sponsored by Player's. I also remember Marlboro with Ferrari and West with McLaren-Mercedes. Then I realized that I haven't seen a car...
  2. HJimenez42

    2018 Juan Pablo Montoya MENCS Fictional

    Hi! Please, I would like to ask for some renders of this car. Thanks in advance :D
  3. HJimenez42

    Danica Patrick's new Aspen Dental

    Hi everybody! I've searched everywhere and I haven't found the new Aspen Dental paint scheme (dark blue + blue + grey) Patrick has run since Talladega race. I know there's an Aspen Dental paint scheme (blue + gray) on but due to the primary sponsor changed it's paint I'd like to...
  4. HJimenez42

    How to make walls become "physical"?

    Hi guys. I've been modifying some tracks (BTW, only for my offline races) to make them as accurate as possible to this year's events. In this case, I added some SAFER barriers to Atlanta Motor Speedway's backstretch. However, when I tested it I realized the walls were kind of invisible and...
  5. HJimenez42

    How to use invisibility colors?

    Hi guys! I've been trying to tweak some things trying to keep some of the tracks you've made as accurate as possible. This time I'm having this trouble (I've always had this trouble), when I put the .mip file into the track the pink color appears on the file I modified. What should I do to fix...
  6. HJimenez42

    Texas Motor Speedway will undergo re-paving and re-configuration

    Via Jayski: Texas Motor Speedway will begin a major capital improvement project Monday consisting of a complete repave, construction of an extensive drainage system and a re-profiling of the 1.5-mile oval configuration at the world-renowned motorsports facility that annually plays host to...
  7. HJimenez42

    Favorite Fantasy NASCAR Tracks (ps1 - ps2 - xbox)

    Hi guys! I found a youtube channel of a guy named "Joseph" who played a full season with fantasy. The game is NASCAR Thunder 2004 (psone) and that reminded me the time when I started to becoming a huge NASCAR fan. That also reminded me that I always loved NT2004's fantasy tracks (Cocoa Beach...
  8. HJimenez42

    Juan Pablo Montoya is replaced by Josef Newgarden

    According to Juan Pablo Montoya's place in U.S. motorsports is fading. He lost his ride after the 2016 IndyCar season and will be replaced by Josef Newgarden, Team Penske announced on Wednesday. Don't look for Montoya to get another crack at NASCAR. He spend nine seasons in the Cup...
  9. HJimenez42

    On-line racing leagues?

    Hello everybody! I'd like to know if there are owners of on-line racing leagues here. I'd like to join to a league and race with other people once in a while. If the answer is yes, I'd like to know the rules and everything to be part of the group. Thanks for answering ;)
  10. HJimenez42

    BRCup16 - Toyota render scene help

    Hi everybody! I'm here because I need some help with a render for a car I replied from 2008 #40 - Stremme for my offline racing season. I've seen a lot of good ones in this site from you guys so I'd be really happy if you could help me with this request. Thanks in advance :) P.D. Sorry for bad...
  11. HJimenez42

    Help about editing .mip files

    Hi everyone! I took a trip over the site to see if someone else had put a thread similar to this and I didn't find one, however if I'm double posting this sorry. I'm coming to you guys because I need some help about editing a .mip file (specially from those who make tracks for NR2003 like...
  12. HJimenez42

    Swan Racing suing Xxxtreme Motorsports

    From Jayski: Not much info but a Swan Racing Company, LLC v. XXXtreme Motorsport, LLC et al lawsuit was filed on September 24, 2014 in North Carolina Western District Court, Statesville Office. Cause of Action is Diversity-Breach of Contract. (More info at XXXtreme Motorsport is...
  13. HJimenez42

    New scoring pylon for HMS?

    Hi guys, I was testing at some recent tracks and I realized Smiffsden's Homestead-Miami Speedway 2013 doesn't have the new scoring pylon, and I was wondering....Do you have any info about if someone is doing the new pylon? I think it'd be like a .mip or something like that, maybe like .mip...
  14. HJimenez42

    Homestead-Miami and Eldora 2013

    Hi guys! I've been looking for an update of Homestead-Miami Speedway and Eldora Speedway. I saw SBP is making a new Eldora but work has stopped and I don't know anything new about Homestead (don't tell me about Smiffsden track cuz' I've seen it already :P) I'd like to know if there're new...
  15. HJimenez42

    Lean 1 logo help

    Hi! I've been looking for the Lean 1 logo, it belongs to #30 David Stremme; but I haven't found it anywhere. Can some tell me if there's a link where I can download it or if someone have it? I'd really appreciate that logo Thanks! :)