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  1. nascarandindy

    Tire Wear Issues and how to fix them?

    In the past couple of races that I've attempted, after a certain amount of laps, no matter what setup I run (fast, Jasper, expert, etc.), my right front tire wears down super quick at certain tracks (ex. ISM 2019, Darlington 2015, Homestead 2017). I've tried freeing up the car, loosening it up...
  2. nascarandindy

    Richmond BB-MC 2018 Setup?

    I've been practicing on the Richmond track, and I've been struggling time and time again. No matter what setup I use, my right front tire temperature is at least 50-60 degrees higher than the other tires after only 5-6 laps. I can barely turn going into the turns and have to slow down to 85-90...
  3. nascarandindy

    Watkins Glen Setup?

    I have been practicing the Watkins Glen track, and the best time that I've been able to get is 1:13:455. Whenever I go to race against the AI, they put up times anywhere between 1:07 and 1:10. They can get up to 177 on the esses, compared to me getting up to only 172. They can get up to 165...
  4. nascarandindy

    Rear View Mirror and Gauge Issues

    I'm sorry if this has been posted in the forums in the past, but I've come across a recent issue. While I was doing practice at Atlanta using the MENCS2018 mod, I accidentally pressed a button which toggled the mirror off, and the gauges also disappeared with no warning. I've pressed the N...
  5. nascarandindy

    NR 2003 Crashes Mid-Race With No Warning

    Over the past three weeks or so, my NR2003 game has crashed very frequently with no reason or warning. I've tried the following: Deleting replays, Deleted big car files Reduced the world quality Turned DEP off Ran it as an administrator Deleted extra files from my computer Changed...
  6. nascarandindy

    [SOLVED] How To Remove NR2003 Logo?

    I know that this was posted before a few years back, but I tried to remove the NR2003 logo that takes up the ENTIRE main screen, and nothing I've tried so far has worked. I even tried the Papyrus game logo remover and that didn't do anything. I even tried removing the main logo, and nothing...
  7. nascarandindy

    2010 Nationwide Cars for NWS11 Mod?

    I've found a handful of 2010 Nationwide Series cars through NNRacing, but I was wondering if there was a carset somewhere that I missed, or more cars out there.
  8. nascarandindy

    [SOLVED] NR2003 HotKeys Problem

    I recently downloaded one of the tickers from the UIE2013 ticker racing layouts with the intent to use it during races on NR2003. I followed the directions in the readme to a T (putting and driving.lyt in layout) yet I'm still having problems getting it to show up. I see the Green...
  9. nascarandindy

    Additional DW12 Cars?

    I've only found two DW12 cars for the 2013 season through, and I've been searching for a 2015 IndyCar carset to use for the DW12 mod, but I couldn't find one at all, nor could I find a full 2013 IndyCar carset. I was wondering if anybody out there painted the set or at the very...
  10. nascarandindy

    Issue With NASCAR Update

    I recently installed a 2007 update for NR2003, and when I went to do testing at Daytona, I noticed the once I hit drive, the camera view, which normally showed chase view, instead showed the undercarriage of the car in 800X600. In a bigger resolution, the views are normal, but the screen is a...
  11. nascarandindy

    [SOLVED] How To Get The Ticker To Show Up?

    I'm about to start running some races at 25% and working my way up to 100%, and I was wondering if there was a way for a ticker to show up during the race so that I could see where I was running, who's leading, how many laps to go, etc.
  12. nascarandindy

    [SOLVED] Some Questions I had.

    I'm fairly new to this community, and I have three questions that hopefully you guys can answer. Yesterday, for some reason, when I was at Watkins Glen, after viewing a replay, my camera switched from cockpit to TV1, and it won't change back, no matter what I do. It's really getting on my...