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  1. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #28

    I wish I could say I was, they look awesome. I think Trimaxx is doing their stuff now.
  2. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #28

    Yes, I designed this and was told to use that as the initial base because of the roots the team has to RAB.
  3. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #34

    I designed this one. Front Row has been allowing me, and a few other designers (Kyle Sykes being another) to design their rides this year and it’s awesome to see how much creative freedom they’re giving us. I gave a few color options on this car, but other than them just picking which one they...
  4. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #43

    I think they got away with that because it’s a neon number on the roof. But still odd haha.
  5. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #36

    I designed this car. The E is also like that on the Surface logo. That logo is just what the company uses, it has nothing to do with the number or anything that was done on the design itself. Install got pretty butchered on this design, I’m pretty bummed. Next week a few things are changing.
  6. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #43

    Ah, see that’s weird then. I was trying to justify the red box but there’s no way to. Haha.
  7. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #43

    I have a feeling that Petty has something about the door numbers always being white. And NASCAR won’t approve a white number (regardless of outline) on a white car. So their odd solution was to isolate the number haha. But I don’t think the door numbers of the 43 have ever been anything but...
  8. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #10

    I manually made the dots. I started with two and then just copied and pasted a few times until I had a square, and then I took that leaf shape that they’re cut out in and made a clipping mask in that shape. There may be an easier way to create halftones, but that’s how I did these because they...
  9. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #10

    Here’s a layout shot of the car I put together. It was really awesome seeing it on track today. There were a few other schemes I proposed for this ride, one that I wanted to see instead of this one, but the sponsor ultimately had the final say.
  10. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #27

    I designed this last second for the team. They were going to run an all black car because it had to be lettered yesterday evening before the race, and thankfully they approved putting the small design on there. The sponsor is bizarre though haha. The number is also directly based off of Donnie...
  11. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #10

    It’s just for the hauler. It won’t be running anywhere. That could obviously change down the line, but I specifically had to design this for the hauler.
  12. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #38

    I agree. I had to lay this car out. Kyle Sykes designed it and I essentially had to make the layout work to our print template. Front Row is using only one outer stroke on their numbers this year, and it has made it a bit tricky with designs like this that need more to set the number off. NASCAR...
  13. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #11

    The "designer" had nothing to do with the change. The "designer" was the team saying exactly what they wanted and they wanted all green and had the final say despite best efforts to not let that happen.
  14. dejaentendu7

    2019 Xfinity - #11

    This isn’t the final scheme. This is just for show. The 2019 scheme is still in the works and being finalized. I actually worked on what I think will be the final revision today.
  15. dejaentendu7

    2019 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #45

    I designed this 45 truck (with Paul Jr’s direction) and the number is actually based loosely off of this 66. It was drawn from scratch so it isn’t a specific font. I’m not sure why I was told to base it off this number haha, but that’s what the team asked for. Mine has more of a lean to it as well.
  16. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #22

    We're testing the placement of the wraps out on this car. Ford has changed the hood and some other things since the initial Mustang release, and Penske is super particular about where everything hits decal wise. There's nothing to look in to other than it's being used as a practice run for sizing.
  17. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #2

    I can confirm that's a promo car.
  18. dejaentendu7

    2019 Monster Cup - #88

    Prepare to be bummed out. I'm working on die-casts for Nationwide and it's ehhhhhhh.
  19. dejaentendu7

    2018 Monster Cup - #7

    Here’s my personal unveiling of the scheme I designed for Sadler this weekend.
  20. dejaentendu7

    2018 Camping World Trucks - #8

    Yeah it was a mistake by myself exporting the .jpeg. This came in at 4:00PM yesterday, and had to be printed and installed by 9am this morning. So time was of the essence and I had to recreate the Blackbeard design from Kahne's car (which thankfully wasn't difficult) and made a little over sight...