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  1. dejaentendu7

    Modified Render Request

    Here are two modifieds if anyone has the time to render. They're both on Troyers. It's much appreciated. The work done with these renders is incredible.
  2. dejaentendu7

    ARCA Chevy

    I have this ARCA ride on the PWF GNS Mod template. Any renders would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. dejaentendu7

    Whelen Mod Render Request (Calling TUCKNUT!)

    I have two schemes that I was wondering if I could get rendered. Tucknut, you have done incredible work with the mods and I was hoping if you had time you could make a few with plain backgrounds for these two paint schemes. I really, really appreciate it. And anyone else with the ability to make...
  4. dejaentendu7

    Whelen Modified Render Request

    Calling Tucknut! Haha, your work is incredible. I was wondering if I could have a few renders done of this new ride I did? Preferably ones with blank backgrounds :) Much appreciated and thank you.
  5. dejaentendu7

    Whelen Mod Render Request

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help and render this out for me? It's a Cavalier body style. It would be much appreciated! I'd do anything to be able to have Tucknut do a blank background scene for it haha. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. dejaentendu7

    2012 Cup Series Schemes

    I will be posting every paint scheme in this thread that I finish just like the 2011 Cup set I created for the Whelen Modified Series cars. Right now I'm working on trying to get as many schemes done as possible, and then after seeing the Cup cars on the track, adding the appropriate logos so...
  7. dejaentendu7

    2012 Preseason Thunder Cars (56K Warning)

    Here are all of my Preseason Thunder cars for the Whelen Modified Series, all accurate to the Cup cars. Feedback is welcome (y) I am only missing Joey Logano, who I plan on doing soon. Download here - 2012 Test Cars.rar Credits : Bases/Paint Work - Me, Logos/Numbers - Google/Me/SRD, Templates...
  8. dejaentendu7

    450 Paint Schemes - 2011 Carset FINISHED !

    A year's worth of work finished now (y) There are 450 paint schemes here. Almost every single paint scheme run from the 2011 Cup Series, all now rendered. These are all on the Whelen Modified Mod. I have taken an unbelievable amount of time on these, and it has become a passion of mine to...
  9. dejaentendu7

    IROC Modified *WIP* (Ideas Wanted!)

    Came up with this idea that if the IROC series were to return, how cool it would be for them to run modifieds (if you haven't been able to figure out I love them haha). So I'm going to start making an IROC styled set of Modifieds. I have the base scheme almost all the way down. I based it off...
  10. dejaentendu7

    Biggest 2011 Full Scheme Set Finished

    I've mentioned here and there throughout the year that I have been working on a full, every 2011 Sprint Cup paint scheme run Whelen Modified set. I've got as far as I think I can possibly get with it. I'd like to show a preview of what I have done so far. The only thing I have left is rendering...
  11. dejaentendu7

    Speed Talking

    Did these three schemes for what I think I want to use as my offline ride for 2012. They're based off Robby Gordon's 2004 rides :) Credits for all 3 - Logos - Outlaw Paint Shop, Google, Me Number - Me (redone entirely and inspired by ericman84's number set) Bases - Me Template - SRD, Tucknut...
  12. dejaentendu7

    Phoenix Construction Logo

    Had a few people request this, I figured I would share it with everyone. There are two versions of the logo that ran this year that come with this. :D Phoenix.psd
  13. dejaentendu7

    BULLITT starring Steve McQueen

    I came up with this idea yesterday and worked all night on it. I thought it would be cool to have the BULLITT car color rip apart at the rear/sides and the Mustang Horse to be on the quarter panel like Bayne's and Stenhouse's NNS cars. And I used the Roush/Edwards accurate associate sponsors and...
  14. dejaentendu7

    Ford Mustang Horse

    I was wondering if anyone has the Ford Mustang Horse graphic from this car, even in a .jpeg. I have been looking around, googled, and searched on here and have had no luck. Thanks in advance for any help. I know someone made this car for the NWS Mod.
  15. dejaentendu7

    Hermie Sadler logo?

    I have no idea what this logo is haha. The little guy with the flag next to the American Ethanol logo. It's the last one I need to do this car and I've looked around a bunch with no luck. It may be something simple, but would anyone be able to help? :)
  16. dejaentendu7 Font?

    Does anyone know what font is used for the "" text?
  17. dejaentendu7

    My Dan Wheldon Tribute

    Saddest, most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. RIP Dan Wheldon, and I can only wish his friends and family well. My tribute to him based off his 2011 Indy 500 car. Base - Me Logos/Number - Me, Google Template - Tucknut, Mr. Hodge (for the Honda Accord template), Me Rendor - Ten0r Cheers...
  18. dejaentendu7

    Need Opinions/Criticism

    I've been working on this massive set that I've been getting renders for (thanks to ten0r's). The set has currently almost every single Cup scheme run this year. I have 400+ schemes right now done. Most and close to all done by scratch, so a lot of time haha. But I need opinions/criticisms about...
  19. dejaentendu7

    Whelen Modified Request

    I'm working a little something different, putting rear tail lights on modifieds, and the bottom front grills on the front to give them a little bit of a modern manufacturer identity. I'm working on a full carset for 2011, with every single scheme/car run in the Sprint Cup Series on modified...
  20. dejaentendu7

    400 Bad Request Uploading Images

    I keep getting a 400 Bad Request Page when trying to upload photos. Both in trying to host images and attaching images. They're jpegs 441k-453k in size - 1024x1024, and I'm trying to do three of them. Even uploading just one gives me this same page.