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    DMR NXS16

    Hey guys, I thank everyone for the comments, but I don't want to create problem with persons with this thread ... I like all NR2003 mods :-) Matt, maybe put an end to this thread before discussions ignite... And Matt also, thank you to keep this forum active... And sorry guys for this conflict...
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    DMR NXS16

    Thanks Matt, Your forum is the more popular and the best one for NR2003 :):)
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    DMR NXS16

    Thanks guys for your comments The templates and xfiles are available, I will finalise the scenes tomorrow and normally the mod for weekend... Thanks
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    Official Launch

    Bill, I have the Charcoal BBQs & Grills :D (y)
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    My new site.

    Great news Scott !! (y)
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    VT Whelen SiModified

    Great job Scott !!(y)
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    Its been fun.

    Alan, the best is yet to come !!!! Good luck !!!!
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    cup mod from 2001?

    Yes Batman150 is Matthew, Colfork85 !!!!
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    2011 DMR Cot fictional

    YES, you're right !!!!
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    2011 DMR Cot fictional

    We posted our Impala to see the reaction of the members here, now we have a good idea .... Thank you !!! :)
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    BullRing Mod

    Normaly, blurry-looking cars is the texture set size, your value is not correct !!! You might want to try this to compute what your "Texture Set Size" should be. NR2003 Graphics Tweaker By 2Quick4u
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    Just An Observation

    YES Good points !!!!
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    Nscs10 2.0 is out!!!!!

    Here the change with V1 and V2 Cup 2010 wing (Cup10w) for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. Changes since last version: New name; Cup10w; w for wing in remplace NSCS10, The next version will be; Cup10s, s for spoiler .1 New Dash and Interior Textures; .2 seperate front and rear...
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    My First 2010

    Great job !!!
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    New Rioux COT Toyota

    Great job !!!
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    What if NASCAR makes changes to the COT?

    Yes very bad for all painters !!!
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    What if NASCAR makes changes to the COT?

    I created the old spoiler to NSCS 2010, but just for fun !!! :D
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    NSCS10 #50 Midwest Transit - Toyota

    Great job and great render !!!
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    Painter needing a new home

    Your manner to give our work of team is very bad, very bad, Terry
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    Rioux Mods announces update to NSCS 2010 mod

    Thanks Matt !!! I edit my post also !!!!