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  1. Chowda17

    MENCS18 Ford Mustang Request By all means, let me know if this didn’t upload properly. Just looking for a few quick renders for my brother. If there’s anything close to photorealistic let me know as well! Haven’t painted in a while...
  2. Chowda17

    BR 15 Ford Render Request, Lets Get DiBenedetto Sponsored!

    Hi guys, So yesterday, I tweeted at Moe's wondering how a collab hasn't happened, and well, sometimes you get bored. Could this be rendered both on track, and in a two/three car render please? I'd love to show Moe's the opportunity they're missing. Creds to Trey for shooting the template...
  3. Chowda17

    Two-car BR Gen 6 render request

    Hello, I'm looking to see if there's a render where two cars' noses essentially face each other. If not, a simple two-car render will suffice. This is for an SRD announcement. Thanks! Both flats here:
  4. Chowda17

    NASCAR Jargon 101: Beginner’s Guide For Racing Terms You Need To Know

    Hey guys, wanted to put together a generic racing guide, both for coworkers and the new racing fan. For big fans, are there any other terms you think need clarifying? Would love your thoughts. Thanks...
  5. Chowda17

    2016 NASCAR Mock Draft: Could Dale Earnhardt Jr. Really Race In A Ford?

    The NFL draft kicks off on Thursday, and players, coaches and fans are chomping at the bit to see where the star athletes will end up. We wondered: What would happen if NASCAR adopted a similar draft system? We based the draft order off of owner points for current full-time teams, and had a...
  6. Chowda17

    BR Gen 6 Chevy Request

    Hello, All flats have been finalized in the last post. If I could get a render for them, that'd be awesome. Thanks!
  7. Chowda17

    Quicken Loans to sponsor Kahne in 2016

    Per Hendrick Motorsports Release: DETROIT – Detroit-based Quicken Loans, the nation’s second largest retail mortgage lender, today announced it will partner with Hendrick Motorsports in 2016, serving as a three-race primary sponsor of the No. 5 Quicken Loans Chevrolet SS driven by Kasey Kahne in...
  8. Chowda17

    BR Gen 6 Render request

    Looking to render my two cars for SRD Cup. and Something similar to this as well as...
  9. Chowda17

    42 Kenny Irwin Jr. Bellsouth Base

    Hey guys, As some of you know, growing up I was a big fan of drivers like Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin Jr. I've found some bases of Bellsouth cars, but not the green car that he drove in 2000. Any help with this would be appreciated, and I'd appreciate it if you do reply you also send a...
  10. Chowda17

    Gen 6 Chevy Requests

    requesting 3 total renders. A single car render for both cars and a two car render with both cars in it. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Chowda17

    Yuengling and RCR announcement Tuesday at 5:35

    According to RCR and Yuengling, a sponsorship announcement will be made today at 5:35. I can't help but think this is Ty Dillon related. My expectation is possibly a cup debut at Daytona?
  12. Chowda17

    Family Guy-SPOILER

    So, as some of you who probably were watching last night, Brian Griffin was struck by a car and pronounced dead at the Veterinarian's Office in last night's episode. A short while later, they find another talking dog, Vinny, in a pet store and adopt him. The episode ends with Stewie and...
  13. Chowda17

    BR Gen 6 Chevy Request

    Hey, any chance I could get my Martin Truex Jr. fictional rendered in a couple ways? Showroom anything else you feel ambitious enough to do! Thanks!
  14. Chowda17

    Render Request For a Friend

    My friend painted up this, was wondering if any of you could make a showroom and burnout render for this? It's his first paint so go easy :P Thanks! (y)
  15. Chowda17

    BR Gen 6 Chevy Request

    Hello, Was wondering if I could get a render of this for a request I made.
  16. Chowda17

    Gen 6 Team Render Request

    Hey, was wondering what kind of 2 car render scenes I could get for this. If possible I'd love a render with the two cars together in a showroom type setting! Thanks!
  17. Chowda17

    Gen6 Fusion Render

    Hey, Was wondering if I can get a render of this car I made for my bro. Any feedback is appreciated.
  18. Chowda17

    Season Premiere: The QAQ Attack

    It's finally here guys! The QAQ Attack is rapidly approaching Season 2. This Monday at 1PM my radio show returns to 98.1 WQAQ. I plan to have giveaways and as always, incredible music and requests. Non-CT residents can tune in by going to at 1PM Eastern Time. I really really...
  19. Chowda17

    Chowda17 Showroom

    Here you will find all of my paints: I just began using Photoshop, and although some of my work has already been posted around, I really feel like I didn't do the most significant portions of the work. Now, I feel comfortable to put designs that I have done 100% on my own or with very little...
  20. Chowda17

    BR G6 Chevy SS Request

    Hey, WQAQ Credits: Credit to SRD for the base and template. Google for logos and my friend Austin Hopkins for the hood logo on the WQAQ car. QAQ Attack Credits: Credit to Bullring for template, base by me and Mbbell, Duck logo by me, other logos from Google and flyersfan4888. Was...