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2020 Xfinity Series Ford Mustang Template NoahC04
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8 - Caterpillar Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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8 - Caterpillar Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. T18

    CUBE Mod

    I swear this is one of the biggest and dumbest misconceptions that still floats around too, heck even had people try and claim the pontiac and dodge drive different...
  2. T18

    2020 Pocono Doubleheader at Pocono Raceway Race Weekend Discussion

    I'd been wondering the same thing but just assumed I was dumb and was missing something.
  3. T18

    Kingsport Speedway 2020 Progress + Problem

    Oh have I got bad news for you.... Are you familiar with butters rule? Because I suspect as pictured above your ptf does not comply with it meaning working AI are going to be near impossible as built
  4. T18

    Kingsport Speedway 2020 Progress + Problem

    I'm gunna point out, you seem to have stuff in the unpack folder and not the main track dir, that itself maybe one of the problems.
  5. T18

    Tereana City Superspeedway (Side Project)

    Did you build that airport in AFCAD?
  6. T18

    NR2003 Kentucky Derby Track?

    I'm not sure if anyone every put one out, I know I started one like 8 years ago but never finished it.
  7. T18

    International Competitive Racing Mod Development Thread

    It looks from the image like the left/right side of the template are symmetrical and meet at the horizontal middle of the template which if true mean much like the old N4 template one could simply copy and flip a base to do both sides (my favorite old N4 trick btw). Man do I miss symmetry
  8. T18

    is there a limit to how many mods???

    For easy of use, you can also add a pair of folders in the NR2003 directory to store mods and tracks not in use and swap in and out as you want them.
  9. T18

    Races with no pit stops?

    Tire wear yes, fuel no.
  10. T18

    Suzuka GTP Won't Load

    I suspect the GTP track is missing .cup setups and I'm almost certain it had no .acd setups either.
  11. T18

    Track and Sandbox help

    I will confirm a 50 mile track will load but it goes thru the skybox and even with out LPs the default line gives up about 30 miles in if memory serves me. We a fun mess around online track however.
  12. T18

    Musings on NR4, NR2002, and NR2003

    You reminded me of a thing we did for N4 back when we ran it, I converted most of the NR2003 textures to N4 mips (keeping the higher resolution) and made much of the game look way better. Also used those sized textures a lot on the custom tracks I made for N4. Do wish, I had bothered to make...
  13. T18

    2019 Rolex 24 at Daytona Discussion

    Yeah you can get that on Sunday during the Pro Bowl ;)
  14. T18

    New IROC Mod?

    Just to be 'that guy' I'd love to see the IROC season one Porsches ;)
  15. T18

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    They do but, not necessarily as one loop.
  16. T18

    2019 Package and NR2003

    Just ini edit and move the decimal point ;)
  17. T18

    2019 Package and NR2003

    Just use Arcade mode on speedways ;)
  18. T18

    What's your thoughts on this?

    Odd it loaded for me but only in testing as there are no AI. Also I already deleted the thing from my hard drive lol.
  19. T18

    What's your thoughts on this?

    So in doing this I found that a recent win10 update made Sandbox run better again - oh and don't re-post this track guys ;) .... or try and race it.... or download it honestly...
  20. T18

    What's your thoughts on this?

    I'm half tempted to churn out the laziest and worst track ever made and name it after him.