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  1. Daniel Gomez

    Not So Favorite Drivers

    just like what they did with keselowski !! i hate logano as well
  2. Daniel Gomez

    Henderson's Fictionals

    I love the Jack Daniel's
  3. Daniel Gomez

    G27 rebooting at random

    What's up guys, i just bought a G27 down here at Bogotá, COL.. a few months ago(2 to be exact)... I am a NR2003 and Iracing user (PC games); the issue is while im driving at random my wheel is rebooting and i loose all kind of control on the game . at First i was reading and found out...
  4. Daniel Gomez

    Colombian league

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if somebody is up for some foreigns over a FULL colombian league. You guys can find us on FB as FAST RACING CHAMPIONSHIP. :D
  5. Daniel Gomez

    SRD iRacers

    :p Alvaro Gomez 2
  6. Daniel Gomez

    SRO Indy 500 May 28, 2011 is gonna be a blast! :D
  7. Daniel Gomez

    SRO Indy 500 May 28, 2011

    SRO will be hosting its 2nd "MegaRace" of the season. We will be hosting a 50% Indy 500 using the V8 Indycar at the default Indianapolis track. Saturday May 28, 2011 Practice: 12:00 Qualify: 1:00 PM ET Race: 1:15 Race Info The race will be 100 laps. Cautions will be...
  8. Daniel Gomez

    Engine Sounds

    the best mod i've heard is at if u have enough pants to test it go get it ! Lol
  9. Daniel Gomez

    NASCAR 2011 rFactor Mod released!***

    they say some good stuff makes you wait idk :)
  10. Daniel Gomez

    Bud Shootout discussion and predictions

    JPM is good at ss tracks too so we'll see
  11. Daniel Gomez

    Swapping setups

    since we hace sooo many activity here, i think imma bump this one :)
  12. Daniel Gomez

    Swapping setups

    Hey fellas, I have been thinking is there a way to transform a Nr2003 setup Into a Rfactor one ?? I've been looking and unfortunately I haven't find anything yet... :(
  13. Daniel Gomez

    3 Hour Daytona RC Team Endurance Race FEB 6, 2011

    nice to see you're interested bud!
  14. Daniel Gomez

    3 Hour Daytona RC Team Endurance Race FEB 6, 2011

    Hello Friends. If you ever wanted to participate in a team race, here is your chance. Sunday February 6, 2011 Qualifying at 1:30 PM ET Track: Daytona Road Course MOD: PWF Trans Am SRO will be hosting a 3 Hour Team race to simulate the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. We will race in teams...
  15. Daniel Gomez

    Whats your favorite track?

    Kentucky wow...
  16. Daniel Gomez

    Whats your favorite track?

    Mine as I've been gettin' more experience at Speedways i Like Texas SBP
  17. Daniel Gomez

    Lysol base

    What's going guys, does anyone where can i find the Lysol base on psd ? can't find it
  18. Daniel Gomez

    SRD Pick'em 2010 - Kobalt Tools 500 at Phoenix

    Cup Pole: JPM Truck Winner: Ron Hornaday Nationwide Winner: Brad Wreckeloswki Cup 1. Kevin Harvick 2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Denny Hamm 4. Ryan Newman 5. Mark Martin(the Kid) :P
  19. Daniel Gomez

    Online Cars!

    lol for you to see em, have to download them as well as they need yours to see it
  20. Daniel Gomez

    How can i get the cars to race like they did at talladega

    this one is gonna help me alot too ! :D thanks soo much