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2020 Xfinity Series Ford Mustang Template NoahC04
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8 - Caterpillar Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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8 - Caterpillar Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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8 - Chevrolet Cares Camaro - HOM Hendrick9Fan
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8 - Cat Fleet Monitoring Camaro - MART1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. ongias25

    Major Changes soon

    Like the new look!
  2. ongias25

    Daniele Showroom

    Thank You for all of Your work and for sharing.
  3. ongias25

    31 - OKUMA Camaro - Ficitonal

    All of these cars are fantastic. Thank You!
  4. ongias25

    1992 Busch Grand National Showroom

    Great Job on these cars Chris. looking forward to them!
  5. ongias25

    [Release] ISM 2019 BBMC

    Thank You for doing such great work!
  6. ongias25

    2007 Cup Cars

    While We're on the subject of 2007 cars,here is a 2007 BGN set for the PWF gns physics mod. :) credits TRG.
  7. ongias25

    2007 Cup Cars

    Here are what sets I have for the original cup mod. Should keep You...
  8. ongias25

    K&N Pro Series Showroom

    Like this series. Cars look really nice. Thank You for all the work and updates. :)
  9. ongias25

    20 - Gamestop / Turtle Beach Toyota 2016 TEX1

    Thank You for doing all of these cars, A+ quality!
  10. ongias25

    I'm not doing well. Cancer......

    Sorry to hear this sad news Scott. You and Yours are in our thoughts and prayers.
  11. ongias25


    Happy Birthday Wayne! Have a great day dear friend.
  12. ongias25

    Street Meet Production Machines.

    Nice work! Thank you very much!
  13. ongias25

    Langley Speedway Is Out!

    Another great track checked off the list. Thanks to all involved for these incredible tracks. :)
  14. ongias25

    slowing cars down...

    The sim-racing community is very lucky to have fortine_00. He not only knows alot about all things NR2003, He always seems to come to the rescue and will actually take the time to simulate the problem and find the solution, which 100% of the time fixes the Issue. So in closing, thank You...
  15. ongias25

    Sim Designers/Random Sponsor Car Set 2015 (Reprise)

    Those look great!
  16. ongias25

    Thank You Games123 for the recent Xfinity series cars! Outstanding! :)

    Thank You Games123 for the recent Xfinity series cars! Outstanding! :)
  17. ongias25

    winchester speedway

    Thank You fortine_oo, once again You come to the rescue. :)
  18. ongias25

    NASCAR Windows Truck Series (Presented by Camping World)

    Very nice, I like fictional series cars/trucks. You should make them available for download. :)
  19. ongias25

    Las Vegas Nextel 2005 Track?

    Thank You very much. :)