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  1. T18

    T18s Random Cars

    Didn't want to clog anyone elses thread so here's the 1st car I'll share here Big thanks to y'all for the basic templates. Been doing some work on this bit of nostalgia for this great mod. Car File attached
  2. T18

    Snowstorm @ Alaska Superspeedway *Released*

    So, I have been working on this for just under 4 years and every Christmas I had hopped to be done. It missed again this year but I am now in a place I'm ready to put out something, is it as polished as I would really like? No its not, the Cameras are bad and I'm not very good at making them any...
  3. T18

    Sandbox Moving 3do

    Okay thought I knew how to work this but clearly not. For some reason my moving TSOs just become flat 2d objects. I'm trying to get the chopper to fly along the back straight of the track but the 3do just goes flat, same if i sub another 3do in like the red track truck. What stupid thing am I...
  4. T18

    NR2003 Changing Windows Sound Setting

    Anyone got anything on this, I've been trying to find any similar issues (other games even) and found nothing. So here is the skinny, when I run Nr2003 (or N4) on my XP machine (old HP thats more of a mule than a gaming rig), my windows Master Wave Volume gets turned down, it seems to...
  5. T18

    Bloomington Speedway

    Still in alpha but here is what she looks like in sandbox
  6. T18

    Ratings Formulas

    Normally when i want ratings if would be for real drivers and I would use a preset formula in Nratings but, for the Late Model Truck set I'm working on, i want to have the ai run races and use those results to set the ratings, that means i will want a mathematical formula outside of Nratings...
  7. T18

    Midwest Late Model Truck Tour

    Well, at any rate i plan to make an entire set but today I have but one truck to show. This is for the Smiffsden Pickup trucks. Template from Simpaints, Logos from SRD and numbers from Masgrafx Files for the CTS version, crews not included, also not rated yet. Download -...
  8. T18

    Jamie Mac BR Gen6 Cessna Fictional

    Template is from Bullring (as is the mod), Numbers from SRD, signature from Abharkl, Logos from Google and Masgraphx. does not include a pit crew, i would suggest copying the crw from the MickeyDs car that came with the mod. Rated with NRatings. When I saw the car that they will be running...
  9. T18

    NORL MTN Dew Truck Series