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  1. Batman1138

    Score 4 Help

    I’m having an issue with Score4. I created a new division and am trying to use a custom point system (I’m starting the Cup, BGN, & Trucks from 2003 and want to use the 2011 point structure) however whenever I try to process the race I get the Run-time error ‘9’ subscript out of range. What’s...
  2. Batman1138

    Ratings question

    Oh man I haven’t posted here in a long time, haha. I use NRatings all the time, great great program. However I’m looking for ratings for non points events, like Clash’s/Shootouts/Unlimiteds, Duels, and All Star Events. Anyone know anything like this that could help me out
  3. Batman1138

    ARCA set?

    It has 2003? All I see are more recent years. Or am I just blind. Telling me ok blind is an ok answer
  4. Batman1138

    ARCA set?

    Is there a carset for the ARCA series for 2003? I know the mod comes with 2004. Any help would be great.
  5. Batman1138

    New sponsor for Junior

    what about facebook or twitter?
  6. Batman1138

    My GEN6 Ride

    Here's the car I run whenever I decide to run a Gen6 race. I currently running the 2005 season for my "career" template - bullring base - nascar design graphics numbers - srd logos - masgrafx, google
  7. Batman1138

    2009 COT to Gen 6 Carset (Showroom Thread)

    simply awesome. can't wait to see more
  8. Batman1138

    Interstate batteries base

    I may have one on my computer somewhere, if I find it I'll PM you
  9. Batman1138

    Interstate batteries base

    for what mod?
  10. Batman1138

    Call me maybe

    nice car, two questions I have 1, was HTC around in 2005? 2, what about Michael Waltrip's 99 car?
  11. Batman1138

    Some Assembly Required

    Something I've been scheming in my head for a few days. Remember back in 04 when they had all the Justice League cars? I'm gonna do a bunch of Avengers cars. base - deadpool logos - deadpool, masgrafx, google number - here render - Ten0r
  12. Batman1138

    I have not forgotten how to paint

    Although some could argue, haha. bases - SHNDesigns, JRusty_81 numbers - SRD, MRD logos - SHDesigns, SRD, MRD, masgrafx renders - of course, Ten0r
  13. Batman1138

    Anyone interested in a carset?

    I just did a whole bunch of fictionals for the 2012 season. I only left out the 27 and 42.
  14. Batman1138

    Its been a great ride...

    Jason you are easily one of the most talented sim painters in the community. I admire your work and I wish I had half the talent that is in your pinky. I wish you the best of luck in your life.
  15. Batman1138

    To those on The East Coast

    glad I was able to get the day off. I'd rather be home than out there when it hits. I've got some books set aside and my ipod all charged up. I'm trying to remain positive that I won't lost power but I know thats not too likely. Well at least I won't have to shovel any snow
  16. Batman1138

    Next first time winner

    Yeah I would have to go with Allmendinger. He runs well at Dover so you never know. I know he's already won a Sprint Cup race but I think Joey Logano can win a race without the help of rain this year.
  17. Batman1138

    NTG 2011 Reviews

    There will be a patch coming tomorrow to fix some bugs. not sure which ones exactly guess we'll find out tomorrow
  18. Batman1138

    NTG 2011 Reviews

    yeah my game has frozen a couple times. pretty annoying especially after you win a race
  19. Batman1138

    NTG 2011 Reviews

    I like it. I don't like the paintbooth at all, though. I still prefer NR2003 over anything anyday.
  20. Batman1138


    the gamestop I work at isn't doing a midnight. its based on the amount the pre-orders a store gets if they get to do a midnight. we were close with the tiger woods 12 and nascar, but not close enough.