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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Trump 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Built Bar Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang JNieder51188
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang - MENS19
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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  1. garrett1127

    MENCS19 2020 Daytona Car Set

    Member painted car set is posted at Stunod Racing in case anyone is looking for the whole set.
  2. garrett1127

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone...have a great day.
  3. garrett1127

    Rembering Our Lost Friends

    Please say a prayer for a couple lost members to the sim racing community, whether you agreed with them or not, it's always a sad day when we loose members, Scott Seibert (Sept 6, 2017), and Andy1 (unknown from last year), I for one will miss both of these guys.Tom Howell aka garrett1127
  4. garrett1127


    Have any of you guys seen Scott Huhn on here lately, I haven't seen him around anywhere for quite a while, just wondering if he's ok.
  5. garrett1127

    3ds Max 2018 plug-in help

    Trying to get mental ray plug-in to show up in the pick renderer box, have it, plug in manager says it's loaded, I don't know what else to do. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  6. garrett1127

    PWF GNS Render Scene

    I'm in search of a pwf gns render scene, anyone who might have one and would share it with me, that would be great. Thanks, fellas
  7. garrett1127

    RIP Scott Seibert

    Our friend Scott Seibert (aka The Iceman) passed away this morning. It's sad news for the sim racing community in general. Tom Howell
  8. garrett1127

    series.def file

    Does anyone know the ins & outs of what the series.def file control in relation to the line: car_classes=5 ; Bitwise-or of allowed classes. I changed the Sprint pta mod to just plain Sprints (using gns) physics. That mod had 17 as the number in the aforementioned car_class line, but when I...
  9. garrett1127

    Redline GTP Mod

    Hey guys, I have a small problem with my Redline GTP mod, it's version 1.1, sometime ago I placed a glass mip into whichever folder it went into, don't remember right off, but it made the windshields invisible, I then took it out right away, but the glass still remained invisible. I got angry...
  10. garrett1127

    Att All: Stunod Racing has been hacked again

    If you want a way in you can use this link, goes to render requests...then navigate to the home page. I'd sure like to find out who does these kinds of things, and give them a "Hack" on the private area.....with...
  11. garrett1127

    Nice Change

    Nice change to your site Matt,
  12. garrett1127

    Charlotte Night Released

    Shane, at Revamped Reloaded has released his version of Charlotte Night track. It is without a dought one of his best tracks to date. Head over to Revamped Reloaded to get it today. Garrett
  13. garrett1127


    This message is to any Admin or Matt, please tell me why my post of yesterday evening was removed, It was a simple message about the BullRing 2013 SC far as I know, I didn't break any rules....or did I????
  14. garrett1127

    NWS Template Help

    Trying to paint my first NWS car, the Dodge Challenger by choice, can't change the color of the Challenger name on the back. It is on the same layer as the Goodyear logos,tried to duplicate that layer to seperate the Challenger name from the Goodyears logos, but can't change the color using the...