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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Trump 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Built Bar Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang JNieder51188
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang - MENS19
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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  1. bubbadodge

    Indycar Series Codemasters game problem.

    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, I hope it is anyway. I've got a problem on the game. It seems that NoGripRacing has shut down and I can't figure out how to change controls on the game. Back a bit ago I remember NoGrip having a solution to the problem, but it's since been...
  2. bubbadodge

    What happened to NRatings?

    I was curious as to what happened. Yes the site is still up, I can log in, but every time I download the Setup.exe it says "malware found". Google Chrome says it's a virus and Windows Defender says malware.
  3. bubbadodge

    How to mess around a bit more using sandbox?

    Hey guys, I need some help with my pit road. I'm recreating a track from another game I used to play, and it's pit road would go out of the track in turn 1 and would wrap around and come out in turn 4. It's a road course. It would go off track and I was wondering if anyone would help with this...
  4. bubbadodge

    3DO's in Sandbox

    I've been working all day yesterday and today at making a Darlington 2017, and with permission from Sean at FSE, I was allowed to do public release. Before I can do that though, I noticed when I opened it in Sandbox, the Lights, Grandstand, and billboards just disappeared. Once again to be a...
  5. bubbadodge

    Ken Schrader #36 Number Font?

    I'm trying to make a league throwback and wanted to know if anyone had it. I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Sorry if it's been asked before.
  6. bubbadodge

    What happened to Hi Grip Wreckers?

    I tried to download something there and all of a sudden it's strange? I don't know what happened there. Anyone by chance have any info on it?
  7. bubbadodge

    3DSimED issue.

    Hey guys. Sorry if I asked already about this issue, I don't have good memory :p. Anyway, back to the subject. I have the 3DSimED trial and I go to save the .PTF and it doesn't do anything in game. I see it anytime I open 3DSimED but I don't see it in game and it's irritating. Can anyone by...
  8. bubbadodge

    TCM01 Paint Attempts

    K so I've been painting for a while so I thought I'd show off some rides. Ride Number 1. A Ryan Newman Scheme modernized. Credits: Google (sponsors), NBRA (template), RCR (number), Me (base), Jayski (inspiration/references) I think those are all.
  9. bubbadodge

    Looking for a server to use with a friend.

    Hey guys. Does anyone have a server I can use to race with a friend of mine? I can't find a server to use that I can just run with one of my friends. Thanks.
  10. bubbadodge

    Graphics Horrendously Failing

    Is the best video I have seen as to whats happening. He had said he posted it here before but I was not able to find the post. Any help? I have been running NR2K3 at the Daytona 2011 revamp on a regular basis and now it just started glitching like this. I don't wish to reinstall it all. It took...
  11. bubbadodge

    No tracks are loading.

    Hello. My nr2k3 Will not run any tracks. I have done everything. All of my tracks will be in the folder and i will go into the game, none will work. I get the Could not load track- Cancelling the weekend glitch. I do not wish to reinstall the whole game. I had this problem before and It was on...