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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Trump 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Built Bar Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang JNieder51188
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang - MENS19
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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  1. DangerMouse

    Check this out...

    Ok, so the 2G cup car I posted in the showroom a while ago is driven by a friend of mine. He recently went and tested with an ARCA team based in Minnesota, hoping to move to asphalt racing instead of staying on the dirt and not advancing much further up the ranks. About 2 weeks ago, Win-Tron...
  2. DangerMouse

    She's the kind of girl your mom warned you about...

    Ahhh yes...Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. Ehhh...enough with the girl talk. I was messing with the base of this car about a month ago and then had computer problems and Hoosier posted his Mustang warplane car which motivated me to finish this up. <--- run on sentence much?! Anyway, I saw a dirt...
  3. DangerMouse

    SRD Max/Brazil test...

    This is the car I did for the SRD paint contest. Since I was messing with Max/Brazil, I figured I'd render the car since I hadn't done it before my computer crashed and everything seems to be working ok now...for the time being at least. To the other 2 guys that have posted their cars...GET...
  4. DangerMouse

    Can't keep me down!

    Even a computer crash can't stop me! Got it back functional for the time being until I can afford to get a decent upgrade. Enough about that is the car I was working on when my computer crashed. Thankfully I save everything for painting on an external hard drive so I could...
  5. DangerMouse

    On the prowl

    I did the car for Rueter's and as a league car which spawned this car. As I was posting the other one, it looked like Burton's car so I stripped all of my custom logos off of it and put all of Jeff's on it. If there is enough interest, I may post this as an alternate to Burton's car(it's in my...
  6. DangerMouse

    Under Construction

    Rueter's is building a new store/location and kinda inspired this. Rueter's sells, rents, and does repair on things from small construction equipment to excavators and such. is the car. Could work well for a Jeff Burton alt. Comments welcome! 360 view Temp: SRD...
  7. DangerMouse

    "Race cars don't need lights...

    ...cuz the track is always lit!" Not exactly a remade car from the movie Cars, but did this as a request with Rusteze as a main sponsor. Also include almost all of the associate sponsors on Lightning in the movie. Comments welcome! Temp: SRD Base: Me Numbers: Me Logos: Rusteze -...
  8. DangerMouse

    Gordon mixer

    I did this as a wrap for a friend that races a dirt modified. Lately he's been talking about going on to drive an asphalt car so I have been messing around with his sponsors and converted the base of his car to a Cup car for fun. Turned out rather well other than the number which wouldn't be...
  9. DangerMouse

    Anti Venom WIP

    I've kinda hit a wall with this one. It's not quite how I had it pictured in my head, but it's close. I was watching American Chopper the other night and saw the Anti Venom logo and wanted to use it on a car. I used a bunch of pics of 'choppers' as reference and tried to get the custom...
  10. DangerMouse

    Holiday Inn request

    I picked up a request because I kind of like Holiday Inn's new logo and have been meaning to do a car with it on there and hadn't until this request came along. The first base I drew wasn't workin how I wanted it to so I drew a second one...and actually a third that I scrapped. Comments...
  11. DangerMouse

    Sprint Cup goes to Big E...

    ...well, not really. However, Alan and I were throwing ideas around and I set out to put my twist on Smoke's dirt late model design and put it on a Cup car. With no news out of the Earnhardt-Ganassi camp lately on McMurray staying with the team, Bass Pro Shops is still sort of available for...
  12. DangerMouse

    Bass Pro Shops 14?! YEP!

    Amidst sponsor rumors about SHR picking up Bass Pro Shops if a deal can't be reached with Earnhardt-Ganassi/McMurray and the fact that Smoke's sprint car driven by Steve Kinser is already sponsored by Bass Pro Shops I thought it would be interesting to see what Smoke could be driving next year...
  13. DangerMouse

    New scene(to me)

    I had some time on my hands the last couple days and have gone through tutorials by Hoosier here and a few others that are out there for editing scenes in max. I had some issues with part of the one Hoosier had posted about the live scene and asked him for ideas on how to fix it and this is the...
  14. DangerMouse

    KB Interstate Batteries fic request

    Did this as a request. I'm not sure how many of you have seen it in the requests section, but I'll post it here for kicks. A Busch Brothers mash up of sorts. It turned out rather well for only spending about 45 minutes on it. The tga flat is attached if you want to put it in your game...
  15. DangerMouse

    Red Bull fic

    There was a contest goin for Elliott Sadler's possible plans for next year which is why I did this car to begin with. It had been rumored that he was going to fill in for Vickers if he couldn't come back full time. At any rate, I made some changes to the car and since the contest entry due...
  16. DangerMouse

    League car Alt

    I was messin around with new cars in game and was inspired to do this after I drove Alan's fictional Realtree car that he did for Jamie Mac(Thanks man!). I drew up 4 different bases before I decided to go with this one. This may end up as an alternate or second car for the offline league I...
  17. DangerMouse

    League car

    I'm a little behind with this, but I wasn't going to sign up/enter and then changed my mind. Switched up the McDonald's car a little and added a new sponsor to the hood and rear bumper. Comments welcome! Template: L2B Base: Me Number: Me Sponsors: Casey's General Stores - Casey's...
  18. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Sponsifier WIP

    Toyota did it for their fans, so I'll do it for the members of this forum. I wanted to do something kinda different and let someone pick the sponsor for a base I drew up. The base is below and all you have to do is pick a sponsor or 2 that would work well with the base and I'll do it up for...
  19. DangerMouse

    That's G!

    Did this as a request. Comments welcome. Template: L2B Base: Me Sponsors: Verizon - BotW, everything else redrawn by me Number: LHF fonts
  20. DangerMouse

    ba duh ba bop bop...I'm racin it!

    I had the base of this car laying around from a proof I did for a guys kart last spring. Figured I'd put it to some use. Comments welcome! Template: L2B Base: Me Number: Me Logos: