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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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88 - Valvoline Camaro - TAL1 Hendrick9Fan
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88 - LLumar Camaro - HOM Hendrick9Fan
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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - MART1 Hendrick9Fan
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    Yeah, I'm gone

    Yeah, I'm gone
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    Your Random Thought

    It looks a lot better with the added orange.
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    2020 Cup - #12

    This is... kind of ugly to be honest. But also kind of cool lol. The number should be white though, and the wheels should not be. Also, good luck to whoever wants to try painting that
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    Yeah I agree, and I have a comment on that... People should be responsible for the decisions they make. If your decision was to go to university for 4 years to party and get a history degree, sorry bud, that's not my fault. Besides, I only went to a private college for 2 years, with...
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    It's not gonna happen, Darren. Trump is going to get reelected and everyone will just have to get used to it, just like when Obama won his second term.
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    2020 Cup - #37

    The first thing I think when I see schemes like this is, "Who wants to paint it for NR2003? Any takers?" lol Edit: This one would probably be easier than it looks though... I mean, at least you don't have line up issues everywhere. My initial reaction was just seeing the randomness of that base...
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    2020 Xfinity - #93

    RWR-style numbers?
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    2020 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #45

    I agree with @bvc, the render is better. I liked how the logo was incorporated into the design on the side, with the blue being a nice contrasting background for the white number. The new design lacks creativity imo
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    Paint Schemes that Never Were

    Wow someone really sounds serious about his paint schemes that never were lmao. You have a point though. Otherwise we could put thousands of DNQ schemes here
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    2020 Xfinity - #02

    Couldn't you just unban him, merge the threads, then ban him again?
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    2020 Xfinity - #38

    Can't wait for the C2 car to show up in "Paint Schemes That Never Were" lol
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    Who has the most cars on the Cup mod?

    Congrats? I don't think it really matters who has the most. If I had a choice between a hundred high quality cars made by the talented painters here or a few thousand junky cars each thrown together in 5 minutes by Joe Blow on NNRacing, I would choose the smaller collection without a second...
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    2020 Cup - #4

    Actually I kinda liked the way the white numbers stood out. But this is good too
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    2020 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #04

    Very nice to see this truck with some legitimate sponsorship
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    Slip's Showroom

    Hmmm... a Rain-X car? And the #61? Doing a little overtime, are we?
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    2020 Cup - #16

    Just pick 69
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    2020 Cup - #18

    HUGE improvement!! The zebra was one of the ugliest cars ever
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    2020 Cup - #9

    Disappointed but not surprised that the matte black love affair continues
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    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    LOL. Poor Mr. Devine. The bad old bank "destroyed his life" after he went and used everyone else's money to get a bunch of stuff he could never afford himself. How dare they
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    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    We don't need more stages!! For the love of God, they've killed the pit strategy already with the 3-stage format. "If the racing needs it" ... SMH Edit: Exactly, thank you Matt