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  1. Tetronix

    IMSA Racing Discussion

    Felipe Nasr will miss this weekend’s IMSA race at Daytona after testing positive for COVID-19.
  2. Tetronix

    2020 Cup - #3

    Patriotic scheme for this weekend. Credit to Justin Whapham (RCR's photographer) on Twitter.
  3. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    Mercedes-AMG F1 have unveiled a new livery for the season as we head into the first race of the shortened season. This scheme is a pledge to "improve the diversity" of the team and the sport, and is a signal of the "Team’s commitment to fighting racism and discrimination in all its forms."
  4. Tetronix

    Project Cars 3

    I was discussing this with my dad yesterday, who doesn't sim race but still provides solid ideas. He said that it's basically catering to those who just want to jump in and race and not have to worry about fuel, tires, etc. If people wanted that, just go jump in and race with the fuckwads that...
  5. Tetronix

    DAT Designs Random Showroom

    I really like a lot of these paint schemes you're showing off! Only nitpick I've got is the lack of signatures on the name rail and no b-pillar logos, but other than that, there is some outstanding work in here. Very well done.
  6. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    New paint scheme for Williams after ROKiT's departure: And weirdly enough, 2 days ago Motorsport wrote an article claiming that ROKiT is set to sponsor Mercedes F1...which is rather interesting. I thought that ROKiT might have been the issue at Williams (maybe a Rich Energy sort of deal...
  7. Tetronix

    Help with making ICR car template?

    It looks pretty good so far. I'm noticing that your headlight decals are a bit lower quality / pixelated. Your grill and your taillight pieces look pretty good though, so my only suggestion is to try and find a better picture and/or fix up those headlights a bit. Other than that, it all looks...
  8. Tetronix

    2020 Cup - #3

    Coca Cola 600 scheme layout:
  9. Tetronix

    SRD Super Series: Season 2

    I uh, forgot about this when I got the notification back on May 3rd. It's 4 days past due but I still might be able to sneak my charter in for this year. Name: DJ Harris Number: #48 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Team: Harris Motorsports Primary sponsor: Artika
  10. Tetronix

    Thunder98's Showroom

    I've always loved the funny parody companies from the GTA Universes, and this set is freaking awesome. Great work on this, Jack!
  11. Tetronix

    NASCAR Heat 5

    I gave NH4 a lot of shit for being an "awful game", a "waste of money" and the likes but once I bought it (on sale for dirt cheap of course), I found the fun in it. The game will never comparably stack up to a simulator but once you take it at face value that the game is less than great it's...
  12. Tetronix

    ICR Mod discussion thread

    Mystical - while I have not tried the mod yet (but I am today at some point), watching the insane launch trailer gave me chills and it gets me ready to give this mod a go. You've built a master class mod, an ultra-detailed tutorial that explains the process, you've brought the community together...
  13. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    Racing Point F1 will not be sponsored by Sportpesa this year. Instead, BWT will be their title partner for 2020 featuring a giant logo that takes up half of each side of the car. Very big downgrade from last year's paint scheme.
  14. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    ROKiT Williams Racing has unveiled their 2020 livery, and while it's still a toothpaste tube it's not as bad as last year's. We've now got a Colgate colour scheme instead of some off-brand, no-name stuff.
  15. Tetronix

    2020 NASCAR Season Return Countdown

    Lewis Hamilton, #1 for practice at Abu Dhabi, 2019.
  16. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    And as I posted earlier today, Alpha Tauri has unveiled their AT01 chassis for 2020. Very beautiful livery.
  17. Tetronix

    2020 Xfinity - #02

    Which team is this for? Loving that scheme though.
  18. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    Alfa Romeo has revealed their livery already (they are scheduled to launch for the 19th) in a test at Barcelona. They have ORLEN coming over from Williams' sponsorship to join Alfa as the title partner for 2020. Alpha Tauri (previously Toro Rosso) will be launched in 5 hours from now.
  19. Tetronix

    2020 Formula One Discussion

    Since Renault didn't actually launch their livery or put out many good pictures of that car, I'll come back to them when they do. Anyways, McLaren launched their MCL35 today, and they made their papaya orange and blue design look even better than it did last year. Their launch even made it onto...