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    Some cars don't qualify

    Hey guys Quick question. I have Daytona tracks made by Smiffsden and I changed the chassis type in the track ini from 1 to 5. Now I have a few cars not put qualifying times. Anybody got a fix to this?
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    Game stopped working

    Hey guys, I’m desperate here. My laptop, which runs Windows 10, encountered a problem and had to restart. When I tried to launch the game, it kept on crashing right after the intro and before it could go to the main menu. I literally tried all I knew how to do to get it to work but to no avail...
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    Wrecking during pit stops

    Running into a problem, I have the Atlanta 2014 track and I'm running the full 100% length and there always seems to be a wreck during green flag pit stops. I've been looking at some settings in the track ini but no luck. Any suggestions?
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    Bunching up in pit road

    Hi everyone, I have the SMO Speedway Night track and it's an incredible track that I have as the final race of my offline season (because I couldn't really find anything better) but the issue is when they start doing green flag pit stops, they literally speed down and they end up bunching up and...
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    More fictional cars PLEASE

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know of a good place to get fictional cars with the Gen (BR15 mod). I searched numerous sites but I had little luck (only fictional schemes of real life NASCAR cars). I currently have Mystical's AD car set and it is amazing but I need more :). Any info is deeply...
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    Vermont Speedway

    I have Vermont as part of my offline league but most of the field keeps crashing out. I had all the settings of the track ini reset to its default settings but it's always around half the field taken out in wrecks. Anyone know what could be the problem?
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    Crashing in pit road?

    I am running an offline series and I have a track "American Raceway" where the race is 60 laps long but most of the field is retired or taken out in accidents. I discovered that the cars are crashing into each other in pit road. I even watched one car do a barrel roll for some reason (it might...
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    Too many cars lapped

    I have a certain issue where near the halfway point of a race, only 12 cars are on the lead lap. Anyone have an idea on how to fix that so more cars on the lead lap?
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    NR2003 less crashes

    Any way to limit cars crashing in Nr2003? It seems that a third of the field is wrecking out for some reason.
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    More fictional cars

    I've seen a lot of good looking cars for the BR15 mod but not a lot of fictional cars. There are a few cars I've seen on nnracing like a car where Jamie McMurray has the #48 car with McDonalds sponsorship. Anyone know a site where I can get cars with drivers on different teams and manufacturers...
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    Tutorial for creating cars for Gen6

    Hi, I'm new here but I really want to know the best program to create cars for the Gen6 (BR15) mod. I am making my own season and I want to create cars for it so I desperately need help with this. Anyone with ideas will be appreciated.