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  1. quadmaster

    Talladega 2015 APT

    cars drop from the sky on pit road and then as they get on track they rise in the air and flip and crash Any solutions?
  2. quadmaster

    Philip Island HR Track

    After downloading the track it says can't load track. Any suggestions ;and yes I have the shared folder updates
  3. quadmaster


    Just wondering if these can be put all together to make an offline league list? Are the temps different for each?
  4. quadmaster

    Br12 championship mode

    when doing championship mode with the BR12 mod my cars are all black but with the br11 mod everything is good can you do both at the same time ? is that the problem?
  5. quadmaster

    My offline list

    did a race on newhampshire 2009b from revamped had no passing what so ever,cars mainly stayed where they startedbut in practice mode had passing.How do i get more passing in race mode?
  6. quadmaster

    shine on cars

    Can someone help me with getting the shiny texture back to my cars; cant remember:err:
  7. quadmaster

    Race Mode

    Hey guys! just wondering why I can't run in race mode with BullRing mod.When loading a race it crashes to desktop.:(
  8. quadmaster

    Logitech WingmanFormula force GP

    Just got this wheel from a friend to try:What i was wondering ;am I suppose to be feeling some kind of vibrations when hitting the wall ;track bumps and being hit by other cars?if so why don't i get all that.i thought with force feedback you should feel the hits and bumps!!
  9. quadmaster

    nr2003 mods

    Hi everyone! i am new on here :but i see there is more focus on painting for the cot -mod on other sites.i was also wondering if any painters on here could do a car for me for the nn07 mod . i had one for the cup mod but of course the templates are different.i will try to send a pic. thanks if...