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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - POC1 Hendrick9Fan
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88 - Valvoline Camaro - TAL1 Hendrick9Fan
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88 - LLumar Camaro - HOM Hendrick9Fan
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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - MART1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. quadmaster

    [Release] Charlotte 2019 BBMC (Day & Night)

    Track is awesome .The animated flag gives a realistic look as well.:cool:
  2. quadmaster

    [Teaser] Charlotte Roval 2019 BBMC

    Quality and amazing work;you deserve a break after this to ease your mind!!:):cool:
  3. quadmaster

    2019 Monster Cup - #2

    Awesome;i liked this one also .I also use to have the jacket that resembled these colors:cool:
  4. quadmaster

    [Teaser] Charlotte Roval 2019 BBMC

    The future's so bright you gotta wear shades!!:cool: looks great guys so far:)
  5. quadmaster

    Road America HR help

    I thought so; you are welcome;)
  6. quadmaster

    Road America HR help Here you go :)
  7. quadmaster

    [Release] ISM 2019 BBMC

    Phenomenal job on this track.I especially love how the AI cut the dog leg like real racing.Appreciate the work and time to everyone involved!!:):cool:
  8. quadmaster

    Talladega 2015 APT

    just added Talladega 93 and it's doing the same also :eek::confused:
  9. quadmaster

    Talladega 2015 APT

    didn't modify anything and it shouldn't be a carset issue because its the only track that has that problem. I just downloaded the track added it to my tracks folder and started it up then the carnage began lol:confused: works fine on Talladega IRC and every other track
  10. quadmaster

    Talladega 2015 APT

    cars drop from the sky on pit road and then as they get on track they rise in the air and flip and crash Any solutions?
  11. quadmaster

    MENCS19 Mustang Request

    Wow!!This is awesome!Nice scheme:cool: Good to see something different
  12. quadmaster

    2019 Copyright File?

    Hey Buddy its been said a thousand times i am sure that you don't ask for it. When it gets posted for download you will know!
  13. quadmaster Files?

    The downloads section is back up:cool:
  14. quadmaster

    The NASCAR Rheem Pro Series

    Excellent work ! The RBC scheme is cool ;Like money in the bank;):cool:
  15. quadmaster

    2 - Miller Genuine Draft Fusion - Darlington

    Awesome!! So was his streak of 3 in a row:cool:
  16. quadmaster

    The "Retro" to Modern Day Truck Set

    awesome work like the RC and IceHouse Beer trucks
  17. quadmaster

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    You are a creative guy Mystical!! nice work:cool:
  18. quadmaster

    WinstonCup98 Mod Issues

    Great feedback guys!! horseman you are correct the .dat and .def files should have been there when extracted to the season/series/98 mod folder.Just downloaded and checked and mine are there ;):cool:
  19. quadmaster

    Peak Antifreeze Logo

    why don't you try this technology thing called google and download them to your comp you can find most logos there;):)
  20. quadmaster

    Philip Island HR Track

    Thanks T18 that worked. I copied the acd setup and the cup setups from the beta version and now it loads . appreciate the info!!:cool::)