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88 -'s Polishes Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. MrPotter101

    Single Chevy SS

  2. MrPotter101

    Gen6 Penske Schemes

  3. MrPotter101

    Ford Gen6 Requests

  4. MrPotter101

    Gen6 Requests (x2)

    Finally got the shadow layer on the Chevy ;)
  5. MrPotter101

    2 Gen6 Requests

  6. MrPotter101

    2010 NSCS Render Request

    I'll be honest, I don't know the name of this mod. But it's based off of the 2010 NSCS.
  7. MrPotter101

    Chevy SS/Ford Request

  8. MrPotter101

    Toyota Camry Requests

  9. MrPotter101

    3 More Gen6 Renders

    Hear me out, I tried with the whole shadow layer thing. But for the Chevy SS, and the Chevy SS only, I use a 1024x1024 template and there's no shadow layer that I know of with it :/
  10. MrPotter101

    2 Gen6 Chevy SS

    2 more, please and thanks
  11. MrPotter101

    3 Gen6 Renders

    I really do hope that you guys don't care that I've been requesting so much as of lately. But I greatly appreciate it :)
  12. MrPotter101

    Gen6 Chevy SS Request

    I hope it doesn't annoy anyone that I keep requesting. But I have another one, please and thanks :)
  13. MrPotter101

    Gen6 Toyota Camry Render Request

    Another one ;)
  14. MrPotter101

    Gen6 Render Requests (x3)

    I have 3 different ones and instead of throwing them in separate posts I'll put em all here.
  15. MrPotter101

    JTG Daughtery Racing Number Set?

    Does anybody know where I can obtain the JTG Daughtery Racing number set or at least the #37?
  16. MrPotter101

    MrPotter101's Showroom

    I've been painting for a little over a year now. I'm not great, but I feel like I should show my better paints to see what responses I get. Whether that's compliments or advice ;) Template - Bullring Base - Me Logos - Google / I made the hood logo Contigs - Paints By Rah / Me Number - Big...
  17. MrPotter101

    Original Cup Mod Render Request (x3) Again

    Three more, using custom Lexus bases by Tasmandutch. I'm not sure which manufacture is actually supposed to be used with this base, but I used Dodge in CarViewer because I thought it looked the best with that (if that info is needed). Also, shoutout to TruckSeries, my JBL scheme was based off...
  18. MrPotter101

    Original Cup Mod Render Request (x3)

    The same exact thing as last time, except with 3 cars instead of 1. They're all with the same mod, and even same template. (One of them is the same car, except I added more details to it such as contigs so I'd like a re-render of that please and thank you).
  19. MrPotter101

    Original Cup Mod Render Request

    Please and thanks! I made this custom template off of a original cup mod Toyota Camry template if that is info needed ;)
  20. MrPotter101

    BR10 Cup Mod - Toyota (Again x2)

    I have another one. As I always say, thanks in advance to whoever is doing his for me!