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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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  1. eArLfR

    Earl's Showroom

    Hello guys! After a long, long while, I have found myself painting again. I have had a long journey through painting and modding in other sim racing games, and I must say, that this community is still the best. I also realized that painting cars is what I really loved to do, than searching and...
  2. eArLfR

    Just dropping by...

    As of now, I think I might not get serious on painting(again after a long time), so I'm not gonna create a thread of my own. I just want to receive some feedback on this car(which I made and rendered about a month ago), and I just want know what's happening here :) . Should I return to painting...
  3. eArLfR

    Mouse Steering

    Been playing NR2003 again after a year(actually an NR2007 with updated mods such as the BR Gen6). Previously used a keyboard for controls, but as I tried more and more racing sims, I felt like I needed a little element of precision(but buying a wheel is out of my budget), so I learned about...
  4. eArLfR

    Help on Font ID

    I was just wondering... What font was used for the names of the painters(those names on the top left corner of the car pics) in EPD? It's here in this video.. on about 0:50 . NR2003: How To Download Nationwide Cars From Elite Paint Designs - YouTube Thanks in advance :D
  5. eArLfR

    Did such paint scheme exist?

    I was searching for some Jeff Gordon retro paint schemes on Google(for painting on a template) when I came across this pic: It's strange because I haven't seen this scheme before, and I can't even find it on Jayski. I also thought that the pic might be Photoshopped, but it seems to be...
  6. eArLfR

    Earl's Fics and Retros

    Since I see more and more people post their paints on a single thread, I guess I"mma do it too :D . Every one of my new paints will be on this thread from now on. To kick off this thread, here is a car I made out of replication(not a lot of thinking involved, but painting a car from a picture...
  7. eArLfR

    First Paint on the NWS11 Mod

    These two paints are my first, mainly because while I was gone, this mod was still in development. I'm a bit late(for this mod has been running for a year or two, and Dodge is gonna be gone on the series), so I took the chance to paint on it. And I must thankfully say that the crew here on...
  8. eArLfR

    Br12 Scenes for Zmodeler?

    Does someone happen to have (or someone who knows a link for) some ZModeler Files for the BullRing 2012 mod? I really need them, since I'm using an Asus NetBook at the moment, and its impossible to render in 3dsMax on such a little laptop. Thanks in advance :D (and sorry if I posted on...
  9. eArLfR

    Two Evernham Fictionals

    Hi guys! Its been a while, and I must say that I'm very happy that I'm gonna post my work once again here on Showroom. Here are two Evernham fictional paint schemes that I just made. The 2009 Eliott Sadler paints were the basis for these. Template: Bullring(red car), SRD(black & yellow...
  10. eArLfR

    Render for a BR12 Dodge fictional

    Hi Guys, it's been a long time since I painted my last NASCAR paint scheme. I just want this car to be rendered, since I'm on a different PC(the one I used broke) and I don't have 3DS Max on it. :( Template: Bullring 2012 SprintCup Logos: SRD, Masgrafx, and Google B-pillars: DrinkSocko...
  11. eArLfR

    Back Again to Painting & Rendering

    Hi Guys! Haven't posted anything on Showroom, for almost a year. This car right here, is a car I made for rendering purposes(I will use the car texture for creating renders). The car is now finished(except for the #s on the headlights, and the rear panel), but the render needs to be tweaked a...
  12. eArLfR

    Is it possible to still create skins even without NR2003(only templates)?

    Hi guys, back after almost a year. I am now planning to create car textures again(after a long while).The thing is, I don't have Nr2003 in the moment(I have the CD, but the game has lag issues in Win7). I have all previous templates in my PC. My question is: Can I still participate in...
  13. eArLfR

    Problem opening a Bullring COT Scheme.

    I just had a problem with the Bullring COT Render scene from this site(the one made by Burnout). I use 3ds max 9 32-bit. When I try to open it, this window appears: And then, when I click Open, it has an error window that says that the file failed to open. Is there any solution to...
  14. eArLfR

    Some of my new mainback screens.

    Hello guys! Just came back to editing, after our PC's hard disk got broken, ALL of my files were there (renders, cars, mods, and tools). Then we got a new hard disk, with Windows 7 Ultimate as OS, and searched and got some mods and templates, just to start over again. Sadly, I wasn't able to...
  15. eArLfR

    Cannot Start a Race(or testing session) in NR2003

    Our computer's hard disk stopped working recently, and all of my editing files were deleted; my paints, temps, render scenes, my copy of 3ds max 9, and the mods I installed for my previous NR2003. We switched to Windows 7, and I got a new copy of NR2003(I wasn't able to back up the previous...
  16. eArLfR

    My First GTP Cars

    Hi guys! I just got GTP, and tried to paint with its templates. I made the schemes of the Toyota TS020(GT-one), since it's one of my favorites. These schemes also came from Gran Turismo. Toyota GT-one '98 Toyota GT-one '99 :)
  17. eArLfR

    GTP mod question

    I just got GTP a few days ago, and I think I like it. I just have a question about the four makes(Toyota, Mazda, Sauber, Jaguar). If I select a chassis(e.g. Chassis A), will the AI use Chassis A also, or will the AI consist of different physics(according to their make)? Thanks! :)
  18. eArLfR

    Thought of making a personal carset...

    Just had a little thought that I started last week. I decided to make my first ever fictional carset. I just wanna see all of my fictional cars in one track/grid(with different numbers). This carset will be meant for the Simodified COT(Dan Nisbet) mod. I chose that mod because I was a bit of...
  19. eArLfR

    Problem with CCM

    Hey guys! I have a problem with CCM(which is why I uninstalled it for now, but I have the installer). When I enable Direct Control on CCM, the game freezes when "Loading Data" appears on the screen when I load the replay. I should reboot the computer by pressing the restart button on the CPU...
  20. eArLfR

    Realistic Camera Views?

    I just found this vid on Youtube. YouTube - 2008 NASCAR Michael McDowell Texas Crash Reenactment I was wondering... How come it had realistic camera views(like on TV)? Was it because of the track? Was it edited? And lastly, are there any realistic replay cam views for the default...