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  1. Mcc457

    config closing suddenly?

    I want to set NR2003 to a different resolution, but when I do, config opens up like normal, the splashscreen appears, then the program closes without anything changed. I have 2 monitors, a 1080p one and a 1280x1024 one. The game opens normally. on the 1080p monitor but in a 1280x1024 resolution...
  2. Mcc457

    FPS Dropping Over time?

    I'll start out a race, test session whatever at 40 ish fps and over time it will drop all the was down to 11, where the game is undriveable. I let it sit for a while and it eventually got down to 1 FPS The weird part is this doesn't happen in other games, rFactor is fine, LFS is fine, GTR2 is...
  3. Mcc457

    I need quick help on a sudden issue

    I have the Genius Twinwheel F1 that I've been using since 2013, and today, all of a sudden, the steering input has completely stopped. The pedals work, the buttons work, the shifters work (downshift doesnt, but I shift with one hand), but my steering wheel is now just a wheel. I reinstalled the...
  4. Mcc457

    Using A Tablet to Paint Cars?

    Has this been done before/ recommended? Is it useful to use a Tablet, such as a wacom, and assuming you had drawing skill, paint cars this way? Are there any advantages to doing this over just a mouse?
  5. Mcc457

    Is it possible to change the font in game?

    Is there a conversion program or similar. I notice all the font files are .bff Something like this or
  6. Mcc457

    Openspeedway disconnecting?

    When I connect I get as far as my car being able to leave my pit stall/ move from it spawn position, then it disconnects and gives me "10054: Error on network device..." or something like that. What is it that needs to be fixed?
  7. Mcc457

    DX9 Shaders?

    After switching to OpenGL 2.1 for a graphics test, I noticed that SDT tracks do not load/ and or crash. The issue was rectified switching back to DX9. I was wondering if SDT tracks use some sort of Shaders like rFactor is
  8. Mcc457

    Wheel is suddenly not detected

    I used the old Genius Twin Wheel F1 for NR2003, and it has been working fine for a year up to now. Briefly I set the controls to the numberpad for a quick test in running NR2003 in Steam. Now, when I launch the game normally the wheel is not detected, and the game gives me a "Installation seems...
  9. Mcc457

    ARCA Sim Racing has become free?

    There doesn't seem to be an official announcement, but apparently you can now download ARCA Sim Racing for free on their website.
  10. Mcc457

    That never ending debate

    I'm sure we're all familiar with the American football versus motorsports debate, which one do you think requires more skill?
  11. Mcc457

    Steering wheel jerky?

    My wheel, a cheap one, the Genius Twinwheel F1, has a large dead zone (not sure if this what you call it, it just doesn't react at a certain degree, really close to the wheel being straight, and courses the car to jerky rather than be smooth) that I was able to fix with steering linearity in...
  12. Mcc457

    Ken Block Gymkhana 7 bade

    Ken Block Gymkhana 7 base I've been searching quite recently for any good examples of the pattern used on the gymkhana 7 Mustang. The pictures I've found don't display it very well.
  13. Mcc457

    Dirt Physics at Rally tracks

    What is the .ini modification that allows you to drift around the corners at dirt tracks(Canandaigua is where I first saw it), and would it be able to affect physics at rally tracks like Island Rally, Baja etc? I don't mean drifting on asphalt, its possible, but no practical, or what I'm...
  14. Mcc457

    A Ferrari Request Af Corse

    (Punny Title) This goes on the TPTCC Ford GT body. Most logos from Google, some created by me. Based off the FIA WEC Af Corse #51 Ferrari car
  15. Mcc457

    In Game Shadows

    Why do the shadows that fall on the cars, from other cars have a realistic blur to them, but the shadows that fall on the ground, from cars, be a sharp black colour. Did Papyrus just forget about car shadows on the ground, or did they just not have the technology yet?
  16. Mcc457

    New NASCAR Heat Online league

    HEAVILY based off the offline league I tried to run. Basically, there's a lot of diverse races, all in one series, using the Cotplatinum g3 mod, the f1v2 mod, and the OSRC mod (which is just TPTCC). We run on Friday nights, at 8, on normal mode. Each race has its own properties, and rules...
  17. Mcc457

    Smiffsden iss mod carveiwer

    Anyone have them\ do they exist?
  18. Mcc457

    The Original The Need For Speed

    I was digging through my garage yesterday, and happened upon a copy of The Need For Speed, the original one from the mid-90s, it's on 3 floppy disks. I popped it into my Dell Optiplex GX520, which has 1 floppy disk port. The first time installing I get a "data read error" so I close the Command...
  19. Mcc457

    Home Depot Gen6 Toyota request

    May I have this rendered, its one for a friend, an on track (preferably Daytona) render would be cool if you have it. All logos from googles, number and base by me, Toyota Camry SE template by Big Evil Racing. Thank You!
  20. Mcc457

    Anyone still have GTP to PTA

    All the links are broken, after a :google_it_noob: