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  1. AMLNet49

    Hemric to make Cup debut in #8 RCR Chevy at spring Richmond

    Smokey Mountain to sponsor, scheme is on the Paint Schemes page ——————————————————————— ———————————————————————
  2. AMLNet49

    New stock car team news website up

    Not trying to spam, because it's not like me, but I have just launched a website called Stock Car Central ( I intend to use it as a Jayski-like hub for stock car team news compiled from other spots on the web, but more focused on news within the team structure (kind of like...
  3. AMLNet49

    2017 Xfinity #98

    Casey Mears for 12 races
  4. AMLNet49

    GEICO returning to Biagi after 11 years, Casey Mears to run 12 races

    Mooresville, NC (February 20, 2017) - NASCAR veteran Casey Mears and sponsor GEICO will partner with Biagi-DenBeste Racing for 12 races in the 2017 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. Mears will pilot the #98 GEICO Military Ford Mustang, which will pay tribute to our nation's military and its service...
  5. AMLNet49

    TRD "Young Guns" ride returning for second season

    The "Young Guns" #24 Toyota will return this year, fielded by JGL Racing with TRD Engines. Corey LaJoie and Drew Herring will return part-time, nothing was announced on Branded McReynolds but I'd expect to see him make a few starts. Obviously Matt Tifft, who ran a few races in the car last year...
  6. AMLNet49

    Will Carl Edwards run for US Senate from Missouri?

    Not looking for political opinions. Only in an informative way maybe explaining how he would fit into the structure of the race, and perhaps what his chances would be to challenge for that particular seat, since I am not familiar with the situation.
  7. AMLNet49

    Was this commercial as symbolic to Junior fans as I remember?

    Super offseason-y post here. I'm not necessarily a Junior fan, or a fan of any particular team or driver, more an observer of the sport, but when I was a kid I always imagined this Budweiser ad as sort of an anthem for Junior, and when I sort of randomly remembered it and looked it up it kind...
  8. AMLNet49

    Jonathan Cohen in trouble again, ordered to pay Davis

    Jayski: Probably not enough to help Davis restart his team, but not getting paid after it collapsed didn't help. Cohen has pulled this kind of disappearing act an incredible amount of times, thought we were done with his shenanigans three years ago and yet here he still is.
  9. AMLNet49

    Win-Tron Racing takes over #22 Camping World Truck Series team

    Win-Tron Racing has taken over the #22 NCWTS entry driven by Austin Wayne Self. Self's father Tim, who previously ran the truck out of his own shop, has given an ownership stake in the entry to Win-Tron owner Kevin Cywinski. Win-Tron has taken over operation of the #22, which is now based out...
  10. AMLNet49

    Children 12 & under to receive free admission to Trucks/Xfinity in 2017 Good idea in my opinion, it can do nothing but help grow the younger demographic, and help improve attendance for the lower series by making it more affordable.
  11. AMLNet49

    Everything that's changed about NASCAR (paint schemes and otherwise) in one picture.

    I rarely post out out of the blue unless there is team/driver/sponsor move that I think is important enough for a thread, but I'm bored and was thinking about this, so take a look at this picture: You may first say "oh this is the most random picture ever", or "oh this was from the COT era"...
  12. AMLNet49

    Brian France, Bill & Chase Elliott, Ryan Newman endorse Trump at rally

    Video: NOT looking for political opinions. Just want the reaction to this. The Elliotts and Newman is fine, people can endorse whoever they want. But isn't the leader of a sanctioning body supposed to stay neutral (at least publicly, doesn't mean other commissioners don't give money to...
  13. AMLNet49

    Bobby Labonte to return to JGR for Daytona NXS

    Labonte will drive the #18 NOS Energy Toyota in the NXS season opener at Daytona. NOS will then sponsor Kyle Busch's Xfinity races the rest of the season.
  14. AMLNet49

    Cole Whitt joins Premium Motorsports

    Feel bad for Cole but at least he has a job… "Jay and the crew at Premium Motorsports impressed me with their vision for the future and commitment to making the #98 car competitive week in and week out," said Whitt. "I look forward to being a big part of the family atmosphere at Premium and...
  15. AMLNet49

    2016 Cup Schedule announced

    2016 Cup Series Schedule (36 Races) Track/Time (Eastern)/Channel 1. Daytona/1:00/Fox 2. Atlanta/1:00/Fox 3. Las Vegas/3:30/Fox 4. Phoenix/3:30/Fox 5. California/3:30/Fox (OFF WEEK) 6. Martinsville/1:00/FS1 7. Texas/7:30/Fox 8. Bristol/1:00/Fox 9. Richmond/1:00/Fox 10. Talladega/1:00/Fox 11...
  16. AMLNet49

    Mears & GEICO sign additional extension with Germain

    Jayski: Longtime partner, GEICO, announced that they have extended their relationship with Germain Racing as the primary sponsor of the #13 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry through at least the end of the 2018 season. GEICO is wrapping up their 15th season as a team sponsor and their eighth with...
  17. AMLNet49

    Possible changes to team model

    Jayski: As drivers sweat out potential elimination in the Chase for the Sprint Cup, the jockeying behind closed doors appears just as intense as NASCAR and owners furiously try to hash out a plan to make the team business a more stable one. NASCAR and the owners might not spin each other out...
  18. AMLNet49

    Mears back with Germain Racing in 2016

    Casey Mears has re-signed with Germain Racing for 2016. According to Bob Pockrass, GEICO has re-signed with the team as well. However, this eliminates the rumor that Ty Dillon would drive the car next year. Jayski: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Casey Mears has been with Germain Racing since...
  19. AMLNet49

    American Ethanol 200 & Owens Corning 300 Race Discussion

    There isn't a Cup Series race this week so there was no discussion forum. Trucks tonight and Xfinity tomorrow should be good racing, especially the Trucks at the awesome Iowa Speedway.