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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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  1. racinboy234567

    Trading Paints question

    You can choose to run any publicly uploaded Trading Paints scheme assuming you have an account. You just click the blue 'Race this Paint' button and next time you load up an iracing session with that car and trading paints running that will be your scheme.
  2. racinboy234567

    2020 Xfinity - #8

    I like that rocky scheme a lot
  3. racinboy234567

    2019 Showroom

    The patriotic bowman scheme reminds me a lot of the Byron liberty xfinity scheme. Nice work as usual!
  4. racinboy234567

    2019 Showroom

    Really like the napa filters car
  5. racinboy234567

    Possible Brandon Brown Paint Schemes

    In the past some teams elected to not run manufacturer decals such as the car name if they were not receiving any money from the manufacturer. So no white text camaro may be on purpose.
  6. racinboy234567

    2019 Monster Cup - #88

    Interesting that the render shows the A post deal, but all the hendrick cars dont have them this week.
  7. racinboy234567

    2019 Monster Cup - #43

    In other news the hendrick designers are no longer the worst in the cup series garage.
  8. racinboy234567

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    Thats a lot of contingency decals
  9. racinboy234567

    2019 Showroom

    When the new year starts this is the thread I look forward to the most. Fantastic as always!
  10. racinboy234567

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    Wow, good to see nobody agrees on what would be a better scheme out of those proposals.
  11. racinboy234567

    2019 Monster Cup - #48

    Im a yellow numbers fan, but it has to work, and in this case it doesnt. For me it just feels like a re hash of last years scheme. I was looking forward to something new and fresh and instead feel like they just showed us an alternative 2018 scheme
  12. racinboy234567

    Allmendinger leaving JTG-Daugherty

    With the 37 finishing 5-10 places better every weekend it was only a matter of time.
  13. racinboy234567

    2018 Monster Cup - #48

    Thought process is probably the same these days lol.
  14. racinboy234567

    2018 Monster Cup - #48

    Probably the worst throwback scheme of the weekend. Scheme just doesn't work well on the camaro like it did on the impala
  15. racinboy234567

    2018 Monster Cup - #24

    No a-pillar madness. Best of the hendrick cars bar none.
  16. racinboy234567

    Jeff Gordon Flames

    I recently had my HD with all my saved painting stuff take a dump and lost everything. Once upon a time there was a very large 2005 esque Jeff Gordon flame set, as I recall it was a PNG file. There was a thread about it in the past but the link seems dead. I also had an axalta PSD layered...
  17. racinboy234567

    NASCAR CEO Brian France Busted for DUI & OxyCodene

    Its their one chance to maybe get somebody else in charge but this is exactly what will happen. I expect nothing less.
  18. racinboy234567

    Jeff Gordon 1997 Logo Id

    Didnt Ray Evernham have a foundation or something start up around then? Its like something for disabled persons. Maybe early days of Jeff Gordon childrens?
  19. racinboy234567

    2018 Monster Cup - #48

    Wasted opportunity IMO. So many great Lowe's schemes over the years, seems a waste to run something that ran as recently as 2014.
  20. racinboy234567

    2018 Monster Cup - #24

    I was skeptical but I really liked the on track version. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.