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  1. labontefanboy

    NASCAR potentially instituting budget cap in next few seasons Quick summary: "Once an idea that would’ve been soundly dismissed, it’s now being seriously considered. NASCAR and its teams have had multiple discussions about such an idea, and the consensus among the multitude of...
  2. labontefanboy

    Dale Jr. Signs with NBC Universal Key notes: -Jr. signs multi-year on-air contract with NBC Universal -Earnhardt will become a mainstay on NBC's NASCAR coverage -Earnhardt will also contribute to other part's of NBC's coverage outside of racing...
  3. labontefanboy

    Chance of 16 winners before Playoffs?

    There's a legitimate possibility we could see 16 drivers get a win before the Playoffs. We've already seen 10 winners, and not a single JGR team has won, 3 of the 4 Hendrick cars are winless, Harvick and Bowyer have absolutely had the speed to win races, and both McMurray and Erik Jones could...
  4. labontefanboy

    Brickyard 400 to be run on road course in the future?

    I know a Tweet isn't much of a source compared to a full length article, but I saw this on Twitter and am very intrigued. Personally, I think it would be a FANTASTIC decision. You're still able to keep the prestigious, iconic facility on the schedule, but you run the layout that provides the...
  5. labontefanboy

    2017 Xfinity #44

    Benny Gordon at Daytona.
  6. labontefanboy

    2017 Monster Cup - #7

    Elliott Sadler for the Daytona 500.
  7. labontefanboy

    Major changes coming to race format/points distribution in MENCS?

    NASCAR Considering Significant Changes To Race Formats, Point Distribution:The Sports Business Daily is reporting that NASCAR and industry stakeholders are considering significant competition changes to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series that could be implemented as soon as this season...
  8. labontefanboy

    TBR selling charter to Leavine? Mears to the #95? Ty Dillon to the #13?

    Lots of moving parts here, no clear announcements. All from Jayski: Baldwin meets with employees, 'exploring all my opportunities' for team's future UPDATE:Unsure about his organization's future, #7 team owner Tommy Baldwin met with his employees Monday "so I can give them the options if they...
  9. labontefanboy

    2016 Chase Predictions

    Thought it would be interesting to see everyone else's predictions for the Chase. I know a lot of people hate it, but I like the format and am really excited to see how the intensity level ratchets up the next 10 races. I just finished a long-ass week of classes and am bored, so I decided to get...
  10. labontefanboy

    2017 Monster Cup - #77

    From Reddit:
  11. labontefanboy

    College Basketball Discussion

    Any other big college hoops fan out there on SRD? All I know is that I'm ecstatic to see "Big Blue Nation" go down. Big win by UCLA to take down #1 Kentucky by a resounding 87-77, and Kentucky definitely doesn't look as strong as they were last year. With Maryland losing to UNC a couple nights...
  12. labontefanboy

    Way-too-early 2016 predictions

    In a lot of stick and ball sports, websites like ESPN and Fox Sports will put out a "top 25" or "Power Ranking" type of list the day after a champion is crowned, mainly just for fun. Those really hold no merit, but I still enjoy reading them. So, since a lot of people here were unhappy about the...
  13. labontefanboy

    North Texas Pipe Logo/Font

    I've tried every single place I can think of and can't find anything even close or in bad quality. Does anyone have a North Texas Pipe logo as seen below that they could share with me, or know the font?
  14. labontefanboy

    31-W Insulation Logos?

    Anyone know where I can find the 31-W Insulation logos that were used on the #05 car back in the late 00's and early 10's? I've looked high and low and all I've been able to find is the new logo that the company is using and an inaccurate version on NNRacing. Haven't even found anything on...
  15. labontefanboy

    Looking for a few numbers

    Hey guys, I've been looking across the forum and through other sites, and I'm having trouble finding a few numbers. If anyone has either a layered version of one of these numbers or knows the font, please let me know. Thanks! Fitz Motorsports-style #22 D'Hondt-style #91 and #92 Mike...
  16. labontefanboy

    Why is this weird shape appearing on renders?

    Hey everyone, I had downloaded an Original Cup scene from SRD a while back and was trying to render some cars on it, but on each render a weird shape was appearing right behind the left front wheel well. For some reason, there's a small section that is blurry/smudged, and I'm not sure why that's...
  17. labontefanboy

    Kevin Harvick Inc. #77

    I'm having trouble finding a download for the KHI-style #77 shown in this image. Does anyone either have a copy of it to share or know what font was used for that number? Thanks!
  18. labontefanboy

    Fictional 2008 NSCS and NNS Carsets [BR12 & PWF GNS]

    A few years back, I began something called a "Mock Season", only with a twist. Rather than doing just one single season with the real drivers and tracks, I used Jayski information to list driver and sponsor contracts, and stuck by those. I wanted to see what would happen if a driver like Brian...
  19. labontefanboy

    Can't import .tga files for a few cars

    Hey guys, I've been working on two large carsets for a personal offline series and this week was the week that I decided to do the tedious task of importing .tga files and creating the cars in-game. I ran into a problem with a few random cars though. On 5 of the 259 schemes I imported, the .tga...
  20. labontefanboy

    Fire Damages Leavine Family Racing Shop

    Fire damages Leavine Family Racing shop UPDATES: Firefighters were busy Friday morning putting out flames at a NASCAR team's race shop in Harrisburg. Crews from Harrisburg and Concord were called to #95-Leavine Family Racing's shop on Victory Lane around 7:00am and encountered flames and smoke...