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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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NXS20 Mustang Template 2048 x 2048 Update MattyO
Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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NXS Mod Cup Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cup Physics
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SRD NXS20 Blender Scene Burnout
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  1. twcom

    IMSA Prototype Challenge 2020 P3 car set

    The 2020 IMSA Prototype Challenge P# cars are running for the NR2003 community. Get your track time in, twcom NR 2003 4 life
  2. twcom

    Twcom Player Info Screen Shots

    There is a new AD67 Car Set in town.
  3. twcom

    2019 Japan Super GT series

    Intended release date April 2019. I will see what I can put together. Plan B will be to go with 2018 series paints. If you know this series (I do not lol), post some car pics. I am going to do white models first before any paints. twcom NR2003 4 Life.
  4. twcom

    1972 Nascar Season

    A sleepless night and this appeared. I will spend a lot of time on the grill but this is the starting point. Nascar 1972 When a King Ruled. twcom nr2003 4 life
  5. twcom

    Redline GTP mod help

    Reaching out to SRD Community for help with the GTP mod. I believe I have Version 1.1 installed. And then just installed the Version 1.0 car set as well as a few other car sets. Now the issue is that my series folder then contains a RDgtp folder. It has others but I am only concerned with this...
  6. twcom

    ln race commentary thought.

    If you placed additional crowd noise trigger spots around a track. Then used commentator conversation loops instead of crowd noise. Using the random pattern like the GSYE and Crew Chief random patterns. You may be able to have a fairly continual commentary dialog while racing. As long as that...
  7. twcom

    More Graphic tweaks anyone

    REND-DXG [3D Accelerator Analysis] PolyRate=2048.00 (Dripping wet paint) AnisotropicLevel=0 TextureSetSize=-5439488 (what ever texture size auto configures make it negative) BitsPerPixel=32 TestedFullScreen=1 Height=1080 Width=1920 vSyncMode=0 MipMapLODBias=-5.50...
  8. twcom

    The original game NR2003

    After a system reset to factory I reinstalled nr2003. No big deal I have installed and reinstalled it too many times to count. Normally I get it installed then overwrite all the files with my folders. Because with all the tweaking my files have over the years its surely better then out of the...
  9. twcom

    Computer Back to the future.

    In the vane of, if I knew then what I know now..... ...a lap top running at its prime 2 years old and flawless...... ...a new game loaded. Recommended updates clicked. ...five min into new game a sudden restart. It's over. Two weeks of random then consistent BSODs with no fix to be found from...
  10. twcom

    track help

    Le Cote de Mount Vert Long road course I enjoy this track and made a few edits to make it race able, but so much is needed to fix it proper. Wonder if it could be a project for some one to take on. Pit Stalls LP lines Shortened pace lap Twcom Nr2003 4 life
  11. twcom

    Street Meet Production Machines.

    Street Meet Production Muscle. Pony Up Power Tour Car set Re-Skin of the Great TPTCC mod **********Link posted in NR2003 Resources************ Happy Holidays folks, Johnny McLoving here to announce the upcoming...
  12. twcom

    T. Drizzle Straight Outta Mid Ohio

    I'm T. Drizzle, I would like to introduce my beautiful Straight Outta Compton Corvette for 2015 trans am TPTCC to all you nr2003 (sim sissies) who have been bad mouthing me lately. Look how good we look together. The most beautiful car for the Greatest Trans Am driver ever. Now I'm going...
  13. twcom

    1970 Trans Am SNSC70 Championship

    Coming Soon.............. twcom nr2003 4 life
  14. twcom

    Ratings Effect question

    I am mostly a pick a mod, pick a track, press continue, press race, press drive, NR2003 user. Therefore I start at the rear and try to race through to the lead pack. So I would like to create hard chargers to run with and follow to the front. Would creating a low qualifying rating with a high...
  15. twcom

    sound makers question

    when you make a sound mod do you intend for the nr2003 user to set sound to all 24 sounds or to a lesser number. So to you the sound makers w hat is the optimal number of sounds setting. twcom nr2003 4 life
  16. twcom

    Graphics Bump

    NR2003 rend_dxg. config [3D Accelerator Analysis] PolyRate=4096.00 (tried 256.00/ 1024.00/ 2048.00/ 4096.00) AnisotropicLevel=32 (a lot of reading and re reading led me here) TextureSetSize=-28281408 (just a negative in front of my auto config...
  17. twcom

    All things Rally....NR2003

    BULLRING RALLY GNS MOD DIRTY CAR SET NEW ZEALAND MUD RALLY Dirt, Mud, Gravel, Water and Pavement twcom nr2003 4 life
  18. twcom

    Bring this Talent to Us

    This Creative Talent Should be here at SDR. Do you know this mind? twcom Nr2003
  19. twcom

    2015 SCCA TA Trans Am Series Invitational

    TA Trans Am Series This is a re-skin of the TPTCC2 which comes with .pta physics. Download Here Trans Am.7z?dl=0 Hoosier Tire .mips for 2015 TA Trans AM Cars...
  20. twcom

    tptcc paint help

    I am unable to find the place to effect the dodge viper front splitter. its default is a washed out grey and my be connected to the undercarriage color, but I cannot seem to effect this area with paint. look to any tptcc painters that may have found this area to paint. twcom nr2003 4 life