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  1. rickmastfan67

    Aeroquip white decal (2000)

    Does anybody happen to have a highrez picture of any car with this contingency decal on it? I'm working on creating a vector of that decal, and I have it almost finished (the pipe part was annoying, but rewarding in learning some new tricks), but the detail of the hose is throwing me for a loop...
  2. rickmastfan67

    Video Card not upclocking for NR2003

    I've recently gotten myself a new video card (ASUS R7 370 2GB), and I've been noticing that the AMD software is not auto upclocking it when I'm in NR2003 like it does for other games I have. It always keeps it at the base clocks of 150 MHz (Memory) & 300 MHz (Graphics) instead of changing to...
  3. rickmastfan67

    Font help (2001)

    I'm just curious, but does anybody know what font that Evernham Motorsports used for the UAW "National Training Center" text that was on the trunks of the #9 & #19 back in 2001? Working on new Pit Crews for both of those cars for my 9/11 set (don't feel like using the default ones that came...
  4. rickmastfan67

    Logo help

    I'm curious, but does anybody know what this sponsor is that is circled? Only showed up on the pit box for the #9/#19 in 2001 as far as I can tell. The 'A' is for 'America', and that's all I can tell besides the 'PBA' (or maybe it's 'P3A', I'm not sure, lol) main text.
  5. rickmastfan67

    Pit Road 'Open' light on Pace Car

    Does anybody think that it is possible to do this in NR2003? I kinda like that new addition to the Pace Car this weekend @ Daytona.
  6. rickmastfan67

    Cup2000 templates

    I'm just curious, but what templates out there for this mod do you guys think are the best for 2001 Cup?
  7. rickmastfan67

    Font ID Help

    I'm just curious, but does anybody know what font DUPONT used for the "Automotive Finishes" text on the rear of Jeff Gordon's 2001-2003 car? I know somewhat what font they used for the 'DUPONT' text on the car per a few posts here on the forums (CompactaPEEBla), however, the font isn't the same...
  8. rickmastfan67

    Hot Wheels Racing 'chrome' logo

    I'm just curious, but has anybody seen a vector format of this logo? It first showed up (that I'm aware of) at the 2000 Homestead race when the #44 Petty team ran a silver Hot Wheels car. Then, in 2001, it was on the the trunk of the #44 the entire season, as well as on the B-Pillars of the...
  9. rickmastfan67

    Pit Box Tape on Pit Road

    I remember in the past that some modified file added tape to Pit Road based on the a section of your pit box. Was this something that PWF did? I can't remember. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. rickmastfan67

    Bass Pro Shops font

    Does anybody know what it is? I'm talking about the text in the circle logo.
  11. rickmastfan67

    OREO logo

    Does anybody happen to have the straight version of the 3d Oreo logo from 2001? Would prefer it in Vector format if possible, but a larger version than what I could find on the net (attached below) would be greatly appreciated for what I need to do with it. Thanks in advance.
  12. rickmastfan67

    Font ID help needed

    I'm curious, but does anybody happen to know what the name of the font that Jasper Motorsports used on the #77 in 2001 for the 'USA' text at Dover? The used the same font for all the text on the car in Italic, except for the text on the hood which wasn't in Italic. A friend happened to...
  13. rickmastfan67

    Bug when viewing one person's profile

    Any time I attempt to view Sgt. Slaughter's profile, the forum says this: "This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view." It seems that there's a bug with the '.' in his name, as this URL works, but I...
  14. rickmastfan67

    Battlefield 3/4

    So, does anybody out there play either of those games? Could use some more NR2003 friends in both of them. ;) Same ID as here on the forums. ;) I've also started 2 Platoons (one in each BF3 & BF4) for NR2003 fans. Both of them are called 'NR2003 4 Life'. Join them if you want to kick some...
  15. rickmastfan67

    Random little green/blue spots in render?

    Random little green/blue spots in render in Max8/Mental Ray? Has anybody ever had this happen to them when they render a scene? I just finished up modifying a scene for personal use converting a single view car scene into a 3 view scene and when I did the first test render, I noticed tons of...
  16. rickmastfan67

    Font Help

    I'm curious, but does anybody know what font KMart used for the "SHOP AT KMART...YOUR SCHOOL WINS!" text on this card (below)? I know what font the "School Spirit" text is (Comic Sans MS). This is the biggest I have of the logo I found on the net in the past. Tried to find it again recently...
  17. rickmastfan67

    Casey Atwood Signature

    I'm just curious, but does anybody happen to have the signature he had on the #19 back in 2001? I would have asked this in the driver font thread, but this looks like it's his real signature and not a font. Thanks!
  18. rickmastfan67

    rickmastfan67's Showroom (showcasing the 2001 9/11 Carset)

    So, some of you might have been wondering what I've been up to as of late ever since I disappeared from the NR2003 scene. Well, I had a massive painters block and just didn't feel like doing anything NR2003 related. I know some of you have had that happen as well in the past. From '08 to late...
  19. rickmastfan67

    Blue Light Special

    Blue Light Special Font I'm just curious, but does anybody know what font they used for the "BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL" and the "THE BLUE LIGHT IS BACK" on the 2001 #66 Ford of Todd Bodine? Been trying to correct inaccuracies in my 9/11 set, and noticed the other day that the font I had originally...
  20. rickmastfan67

    Font ID

    I'm curious, but does anybody know what font the "100" is in this picture? I seem to recall seeing this font before, but I can't put a name to it and I already checked all my installed fonts and couldn't find a match. Thanks!