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Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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    Sirius #21

    Template: Chevy Impala by Jason Roush Base: me Numbers: Masgrafx Logo's: "Mongo" the dog is the new version of the logo, I got from Yahoo images. Sirius logo came from Masgrafx. All other logo's came from Yahoo images . Renders: Big thanks to The Iceman for the awesome renders!
  2. Showstopper

    Render Request

    very cool renders Iceman! Thanks for converting it over to the spoiler as well, I didn't know it was possible with the mod.
  3. Showstopper

    Render Request

    May I please have a 2 or 3 car presentation scene for this scheme I just finished up?
  4. Showstopper

    "I'm a hard workin' man"

    This is Sterling Marlin's 1999 Winston (all-star race) paint scheme. Brooks and Dunn teamed up with Coors Light to make this concept come together. I thought it was a beautiful car and I wanted to give it my best shot and put it on a Chevy Impala SS. The numbers are a bit different than what was...
  5. Showstopper

    #40 request

    Thank you Iceman and Shark for you beautiful renders! Thank you both for taking the time to render my scheme out. :D
  6. Showstopper

    #40 request

    May I please get a presentational render for this scheme I just finished up?
  7. Showstopper

    #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amp Sugar Free Lightning

    Nice work Austin!
  8. Showstopper

    Relaunch (Amp Energy Drink Set)

    Very, very good work Alan! I love how each AMP brand has it's own "scheme". I agree with what you were saying earlier, that the design should speak for the sponsor... you achieved that on each of these rides.
  9. Showstopper

    #10 League Trucks

    Amazing! I'm having a tough time picking a favorite among those schemes. Great job.
  10. Showstopper

    SRD Martinsville Race 1 Official Preview

    Great job Jason! I didn't even know Jr was running that special scheme this week. I love the bold look of that CarQuest paint job.
  11. Showstopper

    Carl Edwards' Daytona 500 car

    Very nice work!
  12. Showstopper

    Helluva Good! Camry

    That's a slick looking car! That thing would seriously "pop" and come alive under the lights. Very nice work!
  13. Showstopper

    Wake Up on the Bright Side.

    I think it look pretty good. I think it has a crisp, clean look that fits the sponsor well. On a side note, I'm a little surprised we don't see more hotel sponsored rides in NASCAR's top series.
  14. Showstopper

    #14 Tony Stewart Burger King Coca-Cola scheme

    Cool looking ride! I really like all the colors that make up the paint job. Nice work.
  15. Showstopper

    Smoke and BK dial it back to 1996...

    Thank you guys all for the comments, much appreciated! :cool:
  16. Showstopper

    Smoke and BK dial it back to 1996...

    Thank you guys for your comments! :) I don't remember Park driving it, but I have an 87 Nemechek diecast of the scheme, and I was watching the last North Wilkesboro race in '96 the other day and Nemechek was in the car there as well. Did Steve Park maybe drive the scheme in the grand...
  17. Showstopper

    Smoke and BK dial it back to 1996...

    I was inspired by watching an old race the other day. I saw Nemechek's 1996 burger king colors and wanted to see how it would look with Tony Stewart's number. Please forgive my contingencies, I know they're not accurate. I was focused on mainly doing the best I could with the scheme...
  18. Showstopper

    #14 Request

    WOW! Thank you guys all for the awesome renders. I'm blown away by them, haha.
  19. Showstopper

    #14 Request

    Thanks you TBay!
  20. Showstopper

    #14 Request

    Thanks for the cool render!