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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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NXS20 Mustang Template 2048 x 2048 Update MattyO
Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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NXS Mod Cts Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cts Physics
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NXS Mod Cup Physics MattyO
NXS20 Mod Cup Physics
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SRD NXS20 Blender Scene Burnout
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  1. Ryan597

    NR2003 Crashes Whenever I Drive Next To Another Car

    I am able to hit Drive and get on track fine in NR2003, but whenever I drive close to either the side or the corner of another car, the game crashes. I run NR2003 in a window. Here are my laptop specs: - Laptop: Dell XPS 13 9350 - Graphics Card: Intel (R) HD Graphics 520 - Operating System...
  2. Ryan597

    Cultivating the Future

    Thanks to: SRD - Template, Farm American logos Mas Grafx - Number, Signature Me - Base Andy1 - Render
  3. Ryan597

    BR12 78 Farm American Render Request

    Daytona on track scene and a 2 car scene please. :)
  4. Ryan597

    2012 Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Weekend Discussion!

    Discuss the Friday Nationwide and Saturday Cup race here. :)
  5. Ryan597

    NWS11 23 Pepsi Max Render Request

    Daytona on track scene please. :)
  6. Ryan597

    BR12 43 AER Manufacturing Render Request

    I would love a Daytona on track scene and a 2 car render. :)
  7. Ryan597

    My First Base Render Request

    Any render will work. I would really like the on track Daytona render. :)
  8. Ryan597

    Getting My Feet Wet

    I've always wanted to paint cars for NR2003. But everytime, I would get stuck trying to navigate GIMP. This time, I got some information from some tutorials and came up with a pretty nice base. Constructive criticism is welcome. Template: SRD Base: All me
  9. Ryan597

    FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks at Dover Weekend Discussion

    Discuss this weekends races here. :)
  10. Ryan597

    2012 All Star Race Weekend Discussion

    Discuss all of this weekend's races here. :)
  11. Ryan597

    2012 Aaron's 499 Weekend Discussion!

    Discuss this weekend's wild races here. :) This is a great week for Jr. to win. I can feel it.
  12. Ryan597

    2012 STP 400 Weekend Discussion

    Discuss this weekend's races here. :) Hopefully more exciting than Texas.
  13. Ryan597

    2012 Goody's Fast Relief 500 Weekend Discussion!

    Discuss this weekend's Truck and Cup races here. :)
  14. Ryan597

    NNRacing Down

    Looks like its down. Anyone else having the same problem?
  15. Ryan597

    2012 Auto Club 400 Weekend Discussion

    Discuss the race here. :) I swear the last 5 spring races have been run under cloudy conditions or have been affected by rain. The weather doesn't look that great for Sunday either.
  16. Ryan597

    The Meme Generator Thread

    Simple. Go to this website: Homepage | Meme Generator And click on generate image on the left side of the page. I'll start. Enjoy. :)
  17. Ryan597

    I Know This Type Of Thread Has Been Made A Million Times.

    When I go to start a race in NR2003, it'll load for a minute or so, then just close out for no apparent reason. This is very weird since I DID NOT DO ANYTHING since I last played it. And my NR2003 usually doesn't have problems like that. It'll be even worse if I have to reinstall the game on the...
  18. Ryan597


    Why is DMR releasing a new Nationwide AND Cup mod? Cup11s is fine and we already have a Nationwide mod. 1 mod of the same thing is enough.
  19. Ryan597

    ARCA Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 Discussion

    Get ready for all of the derping. :p
  20. Ryan597

    iPod Touch Advice?

    I'm really thinking about getting an 8GB one with $270 saved up. Is there anything I need to know before getting one, WiFi fees, or places where their the cheapest?