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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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  1. Mewlato252

    2020 Xfinity - #02

    It’s for Dover, not Darlington
  2. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #47

    Hoping the scheme losing the white stays around
  3. Mewlato252

    Paint Schemes that Never Were

    The 38 C2 car is white at Talladega, so turns out it does belong here
  4. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #13

    Are they ever going to move on from the 2013 Bass Pro design
  5. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #6

    Its the first in well over 10 years, you make it sound like its been a lot more common than it is
  6. Mewlato252

    2020 NASCAR Season Return Countdown

    That's a weird looking 46
  7. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #3

    Minus RCR taking over the a pillar nonsense this year
  8. Mewlato252

    2020 Xfinity - #19

    Not sure why the renders don't have the orange, but its the Penske scheme but they don't match the side color with the hood
  9. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #96

    Only new for Suarez, that’s last year’s scheme
  10. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #32

    Has to be Phoenix, has the smaller spoiler
  11. Mewlato252

    2020 Xfinity - #19

    Its the Penske scheme, render didn't have the orange on the front for some reason. Would be better if the side color matched the hood like with Penske's
  12. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #14

    I don't like how it stops before the front this year
  13. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #16

    I'm not usually annoyed too badly by a pillar stuff, but seeing this garbage on a nearly 10 year old scheme really makes me unhappy
  14. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #9

    Actual car doesn't have the green on the a pillar
  15. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #3

    Bass Pro Shops is his listed sponsor on the 500 entry list. The other scheme is probably just the standard Symbicort scheme, without RigUp
  16. Mewlato252

    2020 Gander Outdoors Trucks - #38

    It’s the same scheme David ran in the Daytona 500 for the 92 team, I don’t think they ever used it on the 92 truck
  17. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #12

    You do remember correct, the only thing remaining from the old superspeedway aero packages is the extended rear bumper
  18. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #16

    Not sure why you'd think this was going to be a Premium car
  19. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #18

    The zebra was good, I'll miss it
  20. Mewlato252

    2020 Cup - #12

    They did away with the special grille location when they changed the package at Talladega last year. They don't have smaller ones or ones in a different place anymore