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  1. Brandon Howe

    If you could replace PTA, what would you replace it with?

    Question is simple enough; if you were, by some miracle, allowed by Dave Kaemmer to change the PTA physics to something else, what would you change them to? Personally, I'd pick V8 supercars as they are basically stock cars meant for RC racing and would probably feel the best overtop NR2003's...
  2. Brandon Howe

    NASCAR to Test Sprint Cup Packages for 2015

    I haven't seen this posted yet on here, so if this is a repost I apologize. It looks like NASCAR is finally putting its potential changes into action. I do like the fact that they are listening to drivers and teams, but that prime package aims to be very expensive. Say hello to 36 car fields...
  3. Brandon Howe

    This Should Give you a Laugh

    And it's completely NASCAR related... This is a bit off topic and goofy, but it still can provide an evenings worth of wasted time making absurd combinations of drivers. :p Go to this website here and select a driver's body and face and get ready to spit out whatever drink you just sipped...
  4. Brandon Howe

    What do you think was the race of the decade?

    Well since the decade is officially over, what do you think was the best NASCAR race of the decade? My vote would be the 2001 Pepsi 400.
  5. Brandon Howe

    What are ya'll's PSN's?

    Hey ya'll. Merry Christmas. Hope everyone had a great one. But let's get down to bussiness... I got a PS3 For Christmas, and I was wondering, what are you guys' PSN account names? Mine is bhowe83, add me if you want. :emoticon-sign: Merry Christmas everybody from everywhere! :emoticon-sign:
  6. Brandon Howe

    My First Track For Nr2003

    I am proud to present my first track using Sandbox... It's still a WIP, but it works. It Shows up as HSS in-game... Tell me what you think. MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
  7. Brandon Howe

    What are your holiday plans?

    With Christmas fast aproaching, and most of the people in school on break, I was wondering what ya'll plan on doing for the holidays? I'm staying in town and spending time with my family and friends.
  8. Brandon Howe

    Brandon Howe's Wrangler Late-Model

    Well I feel that it's finally time to retire my Coca-Cola Late-model. I will run one finall race with it, then I will use this new late model for all my races. I started this base in July and completely re-did it. I wanted it to have a big name team look, but still have that local short track...
  9. Brandon Howe

    Wrangler LMPv2 Mod render please.

    Well I started this car in July, but I didn't finish it until now. I just kind of forgot about it. If you can guess where I got the idea from this car from I'll give you 100$, it's a tough one lol. CREDITS: Base: Me Template: ShortTrackSim :: Simulated short track realism! (News) Logos...
  10. Brandon Howe

    Is there a Day-Night version of the Daytona Road-Course?

    I'm looking for a Day to night version of the Daytona Road-Course. Not the speedway itself, but the infield road corse version... Any help is appreciated :)
  11. Brandon Howe

    Is down for the rest of you?

    Every time I try to go on it says "this accoutn has been suspended? Is every body having this problem? I've attached a video to show you...
  12. Brandon Howe

    Monster Energy COT (Bullring)

    A car I painted in my free time. It's still going to be worked on, but right now it's pretty much finished. I'm really digging the numbers and the side DEI style stripes. Credits: Base: me logos: Masgrafx, Google, and some work by me Contigs and template: The bullring B-Pillars: 2010 Cup...
  13. Brandon Howe

    Monster COT Render Request

    This is just a little car (Bullring COT) I painted in my free time over the past week or so... Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google, Masgrafx, Editing by me Template: The Bullring
  14. Brandon Howe

    How do you make a ".bik" video?

    What program do I need to make a .bik file... It's the format that is used for the nr2003 intro.
  15. Brandon Howe

    Trans-Am Zmod?

    Anybody know where i could get a Zmod render for the Trans-Am mod?
  16. Brandon Howe

    PTA Templates?

    Does any body know where I can find some PTA tempaltes in PSD format? Not the origanal templates(Mustang, Vette, and Viper) What i'm looking for are templates like Audi R8's, Toyota Supra's Etc.
  17. Brandon Howe

    V8 Supercar Mod?

    I know i saw one out there somewhere, but now I can't find it... Any help?
  18. Brandon Howe

    Is there a way to boost your internet strength?

    I keep getting kicked out of Openspeedway, no not for causeing wrecks :lol: , but for warping because of a bad signal... I have 54 mbps internet, but it's through wifi... I don't know what to do, because i've been dieing to play online, but can't... Any help is apreciated :)
  19. Brandon Howe

    What are some good, reasonably priced speakers?

    I'm thinking about getting a new pair of speakers for my Birthday. (either as a gift, or use the money I'll get for my birthday to buy them) I need some recomendations on which speakers i should buy... I'm looking on spending a max of around 70 dollars - 80 dollars.
  20. Brandon Howe

    A new planet that may countain life-forms?

    I don't think we're alone anymore.... Could 'Goldilocks' planet be just right for life? - Yahoo! News