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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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Bigger rear decal (tail light decal)
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  1. GambitJon

    Car Viewer trouble

    Recently I build a pc, and everything works fine (games, 3D max, and photoshop) but car viewer, it lags up the entire computer.
  2. GambitJon

    Old McFlurry logo

    Does anyone happen to have this McFlurry logo, or anything close to it?
  3. GambitJon

    2019 Monster Cup - #13

    Twisted Tea
  4. GambitJon

    Jon Gambit's Showroom

    This showroom is just to showcase my cars I've painted. No car sets cause "I ain't got time for that"
  5. GambitJon

    GambitJon's NASCAR Stuff

    I got random Stuff.
  6. GambitJon

    My 2018 Xfinity car set

    Hello, Welcome all to my 2018 showroom. This showroom will have a reimagine 2018 Xfinity cars. I will be using NXS17 for this car set. 15/40 done *= Done *00 Cole Custer 0 Matt Mils 01 Vinnie Miller *1 Elliot Sadler *2 Matt Tift *3 Austin Dillion *4 Ross Chastain 5 Micheal Annett *7 Justin...
  7. GambitJon

    My iRACING showroom

    Hey, I really love painting car that I get to race. I personally believe that iRacing has the best racing sim around so I paint for iRacing.
  8. GambitJon

    Mater from car

    I don't know if this is right place to make this thread but I've been working on a mater car from the car's franchise. I am having trouble finding ether a good top view of mater for me take the engine or good inspiration for the hood.
  9. GambitJon

    38 Starwars M&M Characters

    Hello, I come to you guy on my knees, I am asking you for anyone who has these character for you ether post it down below or to please message me. The car will be used in an online league I am currently in. Thank you for you'r time :D
  10. GambitJon

    Can someone help me

    Hello I was wounding if anyone know what this is and what causes it.
  11. GambitJon

    Logo help please

    Does anyone have a good logo of the famous Chevy City logo? (resolved)
  12. GambitJon

    Gambit's Sprint Car Showroom (Car set in Progress)

    To get the mod I am making this car set for go to;sa=album;in=66
  13. GambitJon

    Nos 2016 help

    Hello I'm currently looking for help on the 2016 nos car made famous by Kyle Busch. My first question would be were would I start?
  14. GambitJon


    Hello I am currently looking for the M&M's on Kyle Bucshs 2011 cup car I should mention that only need the M$M I don't need any characters
  15. GambitJon

    Energizer #1

    Hello, I currently am working on aaa the energizer paint that Jamie McMurtry raced in 2014. That being said I was wondering how I could finish the energizer strip? Thank you for people that take time out of there day to help me.
  16. GambitJon

    Jamie McMurray 2011 Turkey