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    Hello, i have been trying to uninstall NR2003 all morning but i keep on recieving this message after hitting the autorun---> uninstall button. I have tried to delete reg files with ccleaner and also managed to "uninstall" it with IOBit unistaller with its powerful scan tool. this did not help...
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    NR2003 Track Asphault Color

    Hello guys, I realize that someone else was kind enough to make a post about this topic, but it has been closed since then and i have been having an issue with getting it to work. My issue is that the asphault color for some tracks is too dark ( michigan 2012, pocono 2012) since they were...
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    phoenix track download

    ive been looking for phoenix SBP 2011 and i cant find it ,if not that one, then any other 2011+ phoenix that arent the ejynx or bullring ones. Thnak you for your time guys
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    HELP PLEASE (nobody helped on last post)

    how tdo i fix this (see last post about steering wheels and game graphics pic) i've uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing work it continues to show on the roof cams of cars at several tracks like sonoma and watkins glean michigan and many others...
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    steering wheels in nr2003

    Hey guys i wanted to know if any other sterring wheels are avaliable to put onto the gen6br15 mod i have one on rn that reminds me of the 2012 dmr wheel please help Also: if anybody could help me out with this issue i would appreciate it it happens on most tracks dont know how to fix ive...
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    NXS15 Mod Cockpit view

    i was wondering if there is any way to get the cockpit view in this mod to be any bigger (closer to the wheel, bigger windshield view) than it is
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    NR2003 in window mode

    Help would be appreciated. I have read that running this game in a window is far more convinient than full screen so i decided to try it. when i load up the 3d configure app i am not allowed to check the box saying run in window i have it set to 1440x900 16 bit someone plz help me try to run...
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    online race

    im trying to race onlione and prep for a league (first time) trying to host a ace ip is: Rowdy Racing , password is : 18
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    gen6 15 mod steering wheels in game

    does any body know where I can get steering wheel mips, I think theyre called for in game wheel.. plz help I have the chevy wheel with a white stripe but would like to get others thanks..