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    You'd Better Drive One...

    Here's a Ford - Drive One Cup10S car. Credits Template: Desmodsracing/BCR Numbers: SRD Logos: BCR, Google Images B Pillars: BCR Base: Myself Render: Hoosierdaddy
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    Cup10s Chevy render request

    Hi, can someone render this car for me, possibly in both a single car and 2 car scene. Thanks in advance :)
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    Empacher Rowing Boats Logo Request

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make a high resolution .psd or .eps of the logo below. Thanks in advance :)
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    Kellogg's fictional...

    Got bored, whipped this up. Credits Template: SRD Base: Me Logos: BCR, BOTW, Masgrafx, Google Images Contigs: RuRa Sprint Cup set Number: Masgrafx Render: Ten0r's
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    #88 Amp Energy/Mtn Dew Chevy

    Another fictional from me. Decided to mix together the '09 and '10 liveries of Jr's and to put in a lighter shade of green. Credits Template: BCR/Rioux Number: SRD B Pillars: BCR Logos: Me, Masgrafx, RacinGrafix, BOTW, NNRacing Base: Me Render: Ten0r's
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    #05 Marlboro Cup10W

    Credits Template: BCR/Rioux Base: Me B Pillars: BCR Logos: BOTW, Masgrafx Number: Me Render: Ten0r's What do you guys think?
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    One for the Mopar fans...

    One for the Mopar fans :) Credits Template: BCR/Rioux Mods Base: Me Logos: BCR, Masgrafx, BOTW Number: Masgrafx Contigs: RuRa '09 Sprint Cup contig set Render: Ten0r's
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    2010 Daytona 500 winner - #1 Jamie McMurray

    Got bored last night, decided to make the #1 Bass Pro Shops car driven by Jamie McMurray that won the Daytona 500. Credits Template: SRD Base: Deadpool Logos: (including B Pillars) Masgrafx, myself, BCR, Google Images Number: Masgrafx Render: Ten0r's Contigs: SRD '09 Fender Contigs...
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    Rioux V2 Render please...

    2 car render, one car is the Tide and the other car is the Livestrong toyota chassis thanks in advance
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    Your drawings and sketches...

    I thought i would start a thread about drawings and sketches. They aren't limited to NASCAR drawings, they can be about anything as long as it isn't offensive. The AMP #88 drawing was done with a 2H pencil, an eraser, and patience :)
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    Real Racers Inc cars...

    Credits Template: Rioux Mods Numbers: BOTW Logos: BOTW, Masgrafx, Deadpool B Pillars: BCR Render: Ten0r's
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    A SiModified CoT...

    This will be my NASCAR Heat Racing League ride. Since there isn't a section for Heat, i thought i would post this in the NR2003 showroom cuz it's based off the SiModified CoT. Credits Template: Tucknut B Pillars: BCR Base: me Number: me Logos: BCR, Deadpool, Masgrafx, SRD Render...
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    High res wheel mips?

    Anyone know where i can get some high resolution wheel mips for the original Cup and PWF GNS cars? I tried the ones here in the downloads section but something doesn't seem right to me. I'm looking for ones that look like this screenshot below. Thanks in advance
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    I have a stupid question...

    This may sound a little stupid but when i first installed NR2003 there were tape markers around the pitbox. Now there isn't any. How do you get these tape markers around the pitbox in the first place?
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    Do the Dew...

    My new Openspeedway car, the #88 Mtn Dew Chevy Impala. Credits Template: SRD/Instantclassic Base: Me Logos: BCR, Masgrafx, RacinGrafix, BOTW, NNRacing Number: SRD Contigs: RuRa Hope you guys like it.
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    #18 Playboy Toyota

    Ayyyyyyyy Can i please have an on track render and a 3 car. Thanks :)
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    #18 Playboy/RedBull CoT

    This is the #18 car i will drive in the 2010 Real Racers Inc GP Cup series season. Credits Temp: BCR Logos: BOTW, Masgrafx (Quaker State), Chadwick (RedBull) B Pillars: customised BCR 2009 set Base: me Number: Masgrafx
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    #47 Little Debbie FXR Live for Speed

    I put this thread here since there is no discussion board for Live for Speed. I decided to paint a completely new car for LFS, for the first time in a while, so i decided to paint up Marcos Ambrose's car. for those who don't know what Live for Speed is, check out Live for Speed - Online...
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    2009 Door Contigs Sprint Cup?

    Are there any of them in 2048 res? I've been searching for a while, and i couldn't even find 1024 res ones. :arghh:
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    #86 Livestrong/RedBull Toyota

    CR Motorsports Real Racers Inc. Nationwide Series car. Credits: Template: SRD modified with BCR parts Logo's: Google images, Brands of the World, Chadwick021 B Pillars: BCR modified Numbers: Me Base: Me