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  1. truexfan81

    ai issue at coca_cola

    Anyone else have issues with the default coca_cola track when using the default pta physics? Issue i'm having is it seems like the green flag comes out while the cars are on the backstretch, causing them to go around the pace car and have wrecks. This happens on initial start and on restarts...
  2. truexfan81

    ReShade Discussion

    the horrendous frame rates are caused by the game running on directx 8 which is not being optimized in the vista+ drivers, the DX9 update gets it back to full speed as far as i can tell, even at heavy graphics tracks, i'm at over 100fps with my evga 1050ti ftw. this youtube video will provide...
  3. truexfan81

    ai question

    Is there something in an ini i can edit to make the ai crash into the wall less on corner exit? seems like on all the 1mile to 2mile tracks i've downloaded when the ai are racing 2 or 3 wide the car on the outside always hits the wall, so by the end of a full length race there are only 1-3 cars...
  4. truexfan81

    any custom paint sites still around?

    So after finding the dx9 update that makes nr2003 playable on windows 10 i've come back from a long break, and would like to get a custom car painted for the MENC17 mod, but all the sites i used to get paints from appear to be gone. If anyone could point me to some it would be much appreciated...
  5. truexfan81

    need help with fps in win7 64bit please

    dualcore 2.9GHz 4GB ram nvidia gt430 1GB getting about 9FPS at stock Daytona with br2011 mod. i have tried searching the forums and the different graphics tweaks, game freezes while loading the ai cars, i have to launch task manager and kill the game maybe someone could tell me the...
  6. truexfan81

    nr2003 on linux?

    I was just wondering if anyone else has attempted to run nr2003 on linux. I can install and run the game, even getting better fps than on xp. However once i install any mod, the game no longer plays, it just restarts gnome and puts my back at the logon prompt.
  7. truexfan81

    Bullring 2011 question

    This may be in the wrong section, if it is my apologies. My question is for anyone that has gotten good with the new templates. If i send someone my driver sig from the bullring 2010 mod, could you please convert it to the 2011 mod camry temp? that is the only part of my paint that i could...
  8. truexfan81

    Track editing question

    ok, i used sandbox and removed the bumpmaps from a track. My question is how do i get the Track side objects back? stands, infield, etc after making the edit everything is all white and the stands are not there at all. thanks
  9. truexfan81

    Track.ini question

    What value would i need to put in to have the cars merge onto the track just past the s/f line at Talladega Revamped 2010? I know its not realistic, but i have already thrown realism out the window by increasing grip and removing the plates. thanks in advance
  10. truexfan81

    Need help finding templates please!

    Ok I'm looking for the templates for the OWR2k7 mod(from reading various threads on this site i believe that is the Legal mod) i have tried google and nr2k3tracks. They both provide links to various sites, however when i get to the sites the download links are dead. :( Thanks in advance
  11. truexfan81

    2010 bullring carset?

    Please forgive me for asking before googling, but is there a complete 2010 carset for the bullring spoilder mod? I am still using the 2010 Daytona carset that is posted in the download section. thanks :emoticon-sign: edit: Sorry for using forum space, but to answer my own question...
  12. truexfan81

    can i get a render please? and merry xmas

    Flat bullring spoiler Camry Only requirement is it needs to be 1600x900 so i can use it as my background. I am curious to see what you all can come up with. Thanks again! :emoticon-sign:
  13. truexfan81

    new personal record

    Well last night i set a new personal record for a Windows xp install. From start to desktop in 5-minutes. I'm still amazed at how quick that went by. :emoticon-sign: to me :laugh:
  14. truexfan81

    Interesting race at Talladega Revamped 2010

    I just finished a race there, had the ai on 104%. The ai started pitting for fuel with 3 laps to go, i decided to chance it and stay out. On the last lap, coming off of turn 4 i ran out of gas and coasted to a win. :laugh: I wish i had saved the replay as that is the first time i have won a...
  15. truexfan81

    bullring spoiler guages

    Anyone know where i can find a temp to paint outside guages for the bullring spoiler mod?
  16. truexfan81


    If any of you guys used to have fun on the Hi-Grip Wreckers server it is back up. The forums says it will be running Friday and Saturday nights. :twitcy: ip:
  17. truexfan81

    Bullring Spoiler Camry render please

    1. 3 car scene (brazil) 2. 800x600 3. Thanks in advance 4. Flat
  18. truexfan81

    dega sbp br lol

    Fun finish at Talladega SBP BR! Man, I wish I had fraps running at the time. lol I just won a race, up side down! :twitcy: :LOL: I was trying to take the lead on the high side, started slamming into the ai car beside me; next thing I know I'm up side down and the spotter is telling me I won...
  19. truexfan81


    I was wondering if anyone knew of a bullring cot wing/spoiler scene that will work with blender. thanks in advance
  20. truexfan81

    Bullring Wing Camry render please

    1: 1600x900 2. something like this: 3. Thanks in advance