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  1. tipptruck

    Cars are only blurry.

    Well I finally steped in to the 21 century. On Friday night my 9 year old crt died. It out lived its tower buy 5 years. On Saturday I went out and bought a new flat panel. Every game I have tired so far looks great. That was in till I tried the nr2k3 game. The cars are blurry. last time I...
  2. tipptruck

    Help with free software.

    I am student of a tech college right now. Thanks to that I can get almost every autodesk software for free. Well for a year at a time. But since I will still be in school in till next xmas. I can use full software up in till about 2016. Since I am learning some cad. I plan on downloading that...
  3. tipptruck

    No one is going in to the baseball HOF.

    I grew up a major baseball fan. My fondest memories of base ball revolve around Harry Caray, and Steve Stone calling cubs games in WGN. My dad was a Braves fan in till they moved. I also remember going out to our steel shed. While it was raining to listen to Bob Uecker call brewers games. Even...
  4. tipptruck

    You don't know jack.

    You know I was sitting there just surfing the web. When the bottle of jack on my desk caught my eye. So I whipped this up real quick. I am also aware of the flaws. Also the famles kind of look like bs. But they did not look that bad before the logos were put on. Template and contgs. SRD...
  5. tipptruck

    Could I please get a render.

    I haven't asked for one in a while. So you guys have free will to do what ever.
  6. tipptruck

    Nows the time to laugh.

    Ok I am getting hit with a major snow storm. Yea the one you guys have been hearing about. The funny thing is the media makes a major thing out of it. Guess what were use to it. Also our dumb governor has declared WI a state of emergency. But every one but teachers and kids have to go out in it...
  7. tipptruck

    Coming soon to a track near you.

    I just saw the new Radical RXC. They say its geared towards the street. There is no way you would even want to drive the thing on the street. The ride would be horrible. Along with every bump you hit will rip the bottom of it off. They said they wanted a LMP type car. I do not think they got...
  8. tipptruck

    I love working at a metal factory.

    First off I work at one of the biggest Aluminum extrusion plants in the states. Other then the 1,000 degree metal and 100 plus temps. Is is not a bad job. Its just a stop in till I get my degree. But any way back to the good part. We throw away tons of scrap every day. Raw virgin aluminum...
  9. tipptruck

    College Football Discussion

    Well since the season is finally here. I had to start the topic. To me this is better then Christmas morning as a kid. You only got to open gifts for a few minutes. I can watch 12 hours of football and not miss a thing. So for there have been the typical blow out games. But there have also...
  10. tipptruck

    GTA 5 just got a bit more interesting

    I saw about new six screen caps of the new GTA game. This is the one I liked the best. I Liked in the ballad of gay tony. I could do air raids with the helicopter. This should be a whole lot funner.
  11. tipptruck

    No hope. Yeah right.

    I had a good laugh last night. A old guy at a place I work at. Said I have no hope of every getting out. Mind you i don't hate the place. The pay is ok. Its also not hard work. They act like work is jail. To me its not. They are counting down the days in till they can retire. Let alone Friday...
  12. tipptruck

    Here is my guide on detailing.

    I am really sorry it took so long. Between the early summer and doing yard work. Among other things. It has been a busy summer for me. It also took so long becasue. I would write a few pages. Then really start all over. This is like my fifth version. Also this is not a college level guide. I...
  13. tipptruck

    First paint in almost a year.

    This is my first paint in almost a year. I tired to get it to look more life like. But not matter how I tried It never looked right. Belive me I fish all the time. I have seen bass hundred's of times. Just can never get the black strip to look good. Any way credits. Template contgs. SRD...
  14. tipptruck

    Could I plese get a render.

    Ok its been almost a year since I asked for a render. So any thing will be fine. Since I have no clue what it floating around any more.
  15. tipptruck

    Well it looks like I am going back to school.

    You know I figured I would have to go back. I was getting close to going back for welding or heavy equipment/trucking. I had a long list of pros and cons for both. The biggest con I had was the Unions on both of them. Sorry but unions do more harm then good. This weekend I had the chance to...
  16. tipptruck

    First look at Circuit of the Americas

    I know it a video game. but this is not some home made track. I didn't think the first trun would be that steep of a hill. But if the track turns out any thing like this. It will be a good race. Codemasters F1 2012 Circuit of the Americas HD EXCLUSIVE - YouTube
  17. tipptruck

    Just signed up for iRacing.

    Well, I finally took the plunge. I just signed up for a three month trial of iRacing. I figure if I don't like it I am only out 30 dollars. I'm really not sure if I will race online or not, but is there anything other than clean racing? I'd like to know please.
  18. tipptruck

    Just a question for your guys.

    I use to detail cars for a living. With spring right around the corner. How many of you guys would like a step by step with pictures on how to do it your self. My car right now is a mess on both the inside and out side. It really not that hard. Just it takes a weekend of your time. If only a few...
  19. tipptruck

    Rock smith kicked my ass.

    Last year I stoped teaching my self guitar. I was getting good at it with a few months of work. To me the guitar is not that hard to learn. Once you know some cords and what not its pretty easy. Before I hear I should pay for lessons. Lessons are like 70 dollars per half hour. Any more you can...
  20. tipptruck

    Part of my goal for the new year.

    Last month I set out a goal of at lest learning how to make my own numbers. I got tired of stretching 1024 numbers for a 2048 a template. They always looked fuzzy. So I took a set from masgraphics that I always use. I traced the inside of the number and added the strokes. I know its not that...