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  1. champ4811

    champ4811's Diecast Collection

    I've built up a collection over the years, but these are my 1:24s'. I have about 25 of them but 23 are pictured below. I have a lot of 1:64s' but I'll take pics of those another time. Some individual pics: 2001 Revell #29 Goodwrench Looney Tunes Taz with figurine. 2001 Dale Jr. Bud MLB...
  2. champ4811

    #20 Fictional Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

    I had an idea of a fictional car. After seeing Erik Jones run the abomination CoD Infinite Warfare car yesterday, I thought I'd create a car that would stomp the hell outta that car, at least I think. For those who have followed me for years you know I've always painted real cars, and I haven't...
  3. champ4811

    A Taco Bell Original Font?

    What's the font of the "A" and "Original?"
  4. champ4811

    Goodwrench Font?

    Is this a font or is the text custom made?
  5. champ4811

    2015 Sprint Cup - #21

    Ryan Blaney running 12 races for the Wood Brothers.
  6. champ4811

    Movies Discussion

    What the title says, discuss upcoming movies, movies you like or dislike, what movies you saw lately, etc. Recently, I re-watched Dumb and Dumber since the 2nd one comes out this Friday. I plan on seeing the 2nd one sometime next week.
  7. champ4811

    #16 Martinsville Logo ID

    What's the logo on the c pillar?
  8. champ4811

    Axalta Coating Systems Font

    What's the font behind the roof number?
  9. champ4811

    Can't Open Scenes

    Scenes Not Opening? I went to try and open some scenes today, some will load and work fine, but some would fail to open. Any help?
  10. champ4811

    #41 Logo ID

    What logo is under the left tailight?
  11. champ4811

    Font ID

    What is the font of "#Ford Always Racing?"
  12. champ4811

    Favorite Movies

    What are your favorite movies? They can be just one movie, a list, etc. I'll list mine if I can think of any. My all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Favorite Action Movies- 1. Terminator (1,2,3) 2. All Fast & Furious movies 3. Speed Favorite Mob Movies- 1. The Godfather (1,2,3) 2. Pulp...
  13. champ4811

    Clint Bowyer Font ID

    What is the font of the hood?
  14. champ4811

    champ4811's Showroom

    A brand new thread for a brand new mod. I have 7 cars done from this season so far. 2 are getting checked and will be released later. I made this because my old thread was cars, in this, I'll release logos, cars, and more! My stuff is on the website in my sig, and more from the past. More to come!
  15. champ4811

    2007 Performance Alliance Font ID

    What font is the "Performance Alliance" text?
  16. champ4811

    champ4811's Retro Showroom

    Should of started this thread before I started the Dale Earnhardt thread, but I'm starting with the Earnhardts then I'm doing the Pettys. My first Dale Jr. car is from the Richmond race in 2004. Thread to Dale Earnhardt cars here...
  17. champ4811

    Dale Earnhardt #3 Cars

    Since there's no more GameStop fictionals on my mind, I figured that I should do Dale Earnhardt cars. I've done 11 of my favorite cars. Credits: Bases- Me, Nascar Design Grafx, modified by me Template- SRD Logos- Masgrafx, Google, Number- nbaker-91 *Note: Some of them are not accurate...
  18. champ4811

    Some More GameStop Fictionals

    After the GTA 5 Fictionals, I've decided to do more fictionals on games that came out the past year to now. Hitman Absolution Halo 4 Far Cry 3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  19. champ4811

    2013 Grand Theft Auto 5 Fictional

    Just a little fictional I threw together after seeing the 2nd trailer. Still a WIP. What do you all think so far?
  20. champ4811

    5 Hour Energy Pink Lemonade logo?

    Anyone have a decent Pink Lemonade logo?