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2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset BryceO84
2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset for the Gen6BR_cts mod.
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - BRIS1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
18 - Monster Energy Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
18 - Monster Energy Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
18 - Monster Energy Supra - PHO1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. Furinkazen

    TPTCC - Looking for cars

    looking for TPTCC cars from all around the web, currently found some at clebrowns, nnracing, and Zerkel Motorworks... you aware of anymore TPTCC cars on sites?
  2. Furinkazen

    Masgrafx with Malware, needing 2001 car set...

    I was going to get the 2001 original cup car set from masgrafx but apparently its been infected with malware, anyone have the 2001 cup car set they can send to me? Please?
  3. Furinkazen

    Looking for ONE COY Car.

    Hey all, I need a 2010 #43 car in the insignia scheme in a COY (original cup) model for a forum, but I can't find it.. can anyone help please?
  4. Furinkazen

    Changing The Physics on the CTS09 mod

    I want to alter the CTS09 physics to Cup, but when I use car converter all cars vanish when I start the game and select mod, what am I doing wrong? EDIT, trying to use WinMip2 to edit files from cts to cup is not working either...
  5. Furinkazen

    An NR2003 game utility I swear existed...

    I remember reading once a couple years back about a season editor or championship editor of some point that had the feature of changing cautions on and off... so for example I want to do that no with my Infineon and Watkins Glen tracks as the AI is far too sensitive to cautions in championship...
  6. Furinkazen

    2012 Nationwide Cars

    Are there any 2012 Nationwide cars for NWS11 apart from the carset and few here at SRD?
  7. Furinkazen

    Car set idea?

    Watching the Sebring 12 hours at moment, wouldn't it be a cool idea to do a ALMS /LMP sportscar car set for the GTP mod?
  8. Furinkazen

    Looking for the F1 2010 ISS Mod Carset

    Original link is down, anyone have the carset?
  9. Furinkazen

    Help looking for car numbers...

    Looking for the following Sprint Cup car numbers in PSD format (preferably): 2010 or 2011 #42 2010 or 2011 #88 2011 #24 2010 #11 2011 #11 2010 or 2011 #18 2010 #20 2011 #20 2010 #83 2011 #83 Anyone got links or files for them?
  10. Furinkazen

    TPTCC 2.4 Installation Issue - DAT file needed.

    The mod installs ok until it says "registering fonts" and then freezes. If I load it no cars are shown in game... so I can't use it :( I've tried differing install options, a different NR2003 install all together and it still will not work, it appears that it is the DAT file that does not...
  11. Furinkazen

    Two Questions...

    One, is it possible to change AI settings so when they blow a tyre of suffer a suspension problem there is more chance of them spinning out? Two, is it possible to put in a opening movie of some sorts to NR2003? I read somewhere a while back that you can change a file into a "bik" file or...
  12. Furinkazen

    Windows 7 wants to so screw me over

    Right, NR2003... I can get it to work on Windows 7, no DEP crap stopping me or anything like that. But I have a few other issues, which render the game unplayable on my DELL Inspiron 1525 My laptop used to run Vista and NR2003 worked a treat. However Vista died and I got Windows 7 installed...
  13. Furinkazen

    I'm back!

    Been away some time, good to be back and see the Nationwide mod out, looks great guys!
  14. Furinkazen

    2011 COY Car Set Available Real Racers Inc!!!

    Sorry if this has been posted before... but it looks good! 2011 COY Carset)
  15. Furinkazen

    Creating And Modifying Soundpacks

    Ok, I'm interested in adding some real-life audio (crew chief, commentary...) and altering a few sound effects for NR2003. Doe anyone know which sound files I should alter? Are there any easier to alter than others?
  16. Furinkazen

    Should I import this? have NTG11 reduced, so I'm thinking if I should import it here to the UK. Is it worth it? What would you guys think.
  17. Furinkazen

    Oh dear...

    ... poor poor crash physics. YouTube - Nascar The Game 2011 Bristol Ai Big One
  18. Furinkazen

    Does anyone here watch the British Touring Car Championship?

    Just wondering... thinking of attempting a car set for 2011 with the Hornets mod.
  19. Furinkazen

    Bullring rally Mod Templates?

    Can't find them anywhere - anyone know if they are available?
  20. Furinkazen

    Weird graphics glitch

    Ok... what the heck is happening? How can I get rid of this?