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  1. DKHardee

    HCI Gen6 Ford

    Thanks! Looks good. Found out my password reset email was going into my spam account. I've got my original back. Can anyone do an on track?
  2. DKHardee

    Smoke mod help

    Sorry its such an old thread... Does anyone know where I can get the original smoke file? I put a smoke mod on without backing up the old file and I like the original better. I like the track to have thick smoke and the one i downloaded dont seem to have as much as I'd like.
  3. DKHardee

    American Ethanol

    I'm looking for the American Ethanol hood logo that is on Austin Dillons 3 and 33 car as well as the 39 truck that he won Eldora with. Its just "American Ethanol" wrote out on the hood so if anyone knows what font it is, that could work as well.
  4. DKHardee

    Common Logo Fonts

    What font do you guys use for the drivers name on the windshield? When I load a template it tells me the font it missing. EDIT: Found It. Sorry. Didn't look through forums first.
  5. DKHardee

    #7 HTC Cobalt Late Model

    #7 From MasGrafx - recolored by me. Horry Telephone Co. Logo from their site. Carmichael Tire logo from their Facebook. Base/template from Racing Grafx.
  6. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    Thanks Andy! Where did the "thanks" button go?
  7. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    #72 Mazak same credits as before #72 Team Penske Mazak Ford Fusion
  8. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    Double post... sorry
  9. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    Wow! My favorite look is the black rim with the chrome lip! Thanks Iceman! Does anyone have a black rim/chrome lip to add to the template??
  10. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    Thanks Andy! Looks great. I'd have to go with black or red rims as the best look.
  11. DKHardee

    #72 Discount Tire Ford

    Base by me Logos from google/yahoo Numbers from here at SRD Template from Big Evil I did this as my car as if I was signed to drive for Team Penske. Only thing is... Logano and Keselowski both have colored rims... I wasn't sure if i should have went with red, black, or white rims. Throw on...
  12. DKHardee

    #49 Icehouse Chevy (Gen6)

    Base by Big Evil Logos have been on my computer a while, most from google or Masgrafx (can't remember) Icehouse logo from Google.
  13. DKHardee

    #49 Ebay Chevy SS

    awesome! Thanks!
  14. DKHardee

    #49 Ebay Chevy SS

    base by Nascar Design Graphx Farm Boy BBQ from RacinGrafix Numbers from MasGrafx everything else from google
  15. DKHardee

    BMLG Gen6 Chevy

    New Sponsor for some races... lol. I have no idea why I decided to go with grass as a design... oh well Farm Boy BBQ logo from Racin Grafix
  16. DKHardee

    BMLG Gen6 Chevy

    Great work as always! Thanks!
  17. DKHardee

    BMLG Gen6 Chevy

    My 2014 Season Car (although I used an old template) - Logos and celeb pics from google - Base by me #49 Kyle Hardee - Big Machine Label Group, Chevrolet SS
  18. DKHardee

    Lowe's Ram Truck (CWS)

    Thanks Andy! Thanks Rogue!
  19. DKHardee

    Hauler/NNS Render Request Please

    where can I get the template for the hauler?