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2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset BryceO84
2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset for the Gen6BR_cts mod.
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - BRIS1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
18 - Monster Energy Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - PHO1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. WinstonCup426

    WinstonCup426's Paints

    Figured I'd finally make a showroom thread. Here are some cars I've done within the past year or so - thanks to the many jewels of the NR2003 community for allowing me to make these. I'm not sure I remember every single one, but off the top of my head, I'd like to mention MasGrafx, the former...
  2. WinstonCup426

    Something to help you create a car!

    This base, a recreation of the "Angles" scheme for Create-A-Car in the NASCAR Thunder games, is now available here and on NNR. Thanks to Team Om3ga and Cosmin Ioaneșiu for the gorgeous template.
  3. WinstonCup426

    I made a new random car generator!

    I recently found a site called RandomGen, in which you can make your own random generators (the featured ones on the main page are for things like names, cookie varieties, sci-fi phrases, and even online arguments). Remembering the old SimDesigners site, I decided to make one for racing cars. As...
  4. WinstonCup426

    A few things I just finished

    Dale Jarrett's 2001 car for Cup2000 is now available in the resources section. Credits are in the resource description. The display is not a render scene, but a PSD file with an isolated Carviewer screencap. I'll probably put it up somewhere soon.
  5. WinstonCup426

    #57 Heinz Pontiac - Cup2000

    This car is now up for download in the resources section here and at NNR. As you may be able to tell, it was inspired by the Jimmy Spencer cars of the early '90s. Temp by Cosmin and Team Om3ga, logos and number by the companies, Brandsoftheworld and RacinGrafx.
  6. WinstonCup426

    2001 #24 Jeff Gordon DuPont Chevrolet -- Cup2000

    Proud to have finished this, as I'm pretty sure it's the first recreation of a real car I've ever done. I had diecasts, statues, pictures, etc. in front of me for reference. Template: Cosmin, Team Om3ga Base parts: SRD Numbers: MasGrafx, BER, Google Logos: Kirbyfighter12, Scott Huhn...
  7. WinstonCup426

    Two Cup2000 paints

    Temps: Cosmin Logos: The companies, BrandsOfTheWorld, Masgrafx Bottle cap: MemoriesInc Numbers on bottle caps: Scott Huhn, MasGrafx, WVUFan01, SRD The Coke car is available here:
  8. WinstonCup426

    #158 NAPA Chevrolet from NASCAR 2001 -- For Cup2000

    Template: Kyle Slaughter, Cosmin Ioaneșiu, WoofGM Logos/Contigs: The companies, Miller's Vinyl Graphics, MasGrafx, Outlaw Grafx, Brands of the World, Bill Anderson Number: Modified Kenyan Coffee font LINK:
  9. WinstonCup426

    Hiya, pal! Here's a WIP!

    Hiya, pal! Here's a paint job! WIP:
  10. WinstonCup426

    #62 ShopRite Ford (Original Cup)

    Template: jonamelio24 Logos: Brands of the World, Wayback Machine, Sage Contigs: NDG
  11. WinstonCup426

    A really cool site I found

    For those who do not know (and that's a lot of people being that it only debuted a week ago or so),, made by the owner of Nick Reboot, is basically what happens when the philosophy of that site mixes with elements of sites like Watch2gether and Synchtube. You can create a 24/7...
  12. WinstonCup426

    Welcome to NASCAR 101!

    Another modernized retro...this time it's the #101 car from NASCAR Thunder 2004 (it appeared in all the Thunder games but this is based on its appearance in that specific one). I may do more stuff inspired by the old EA games if I feel like it... Template: Italo Contigs: Italo Rapacci/DER...
  13. WinstonCup426

    A WIP carset I've been working on

    Wonder what this could be...
  14. WinstonCup426

    Fictional Cessna Ride

    Template by Italo, numbers by...I think MRD, logos by SRD, Google Images and NNR. I also lined the back up and changed the white rectangle on the back to an oval post-render.
  15. WinstonCup426

    More Alts and Modern Retros

    Bases by numerous sources including me, NDG, this place and NNR, templates by Italo, numbers by MasGrafx, B-pillars by Gonzo Graphics, contigs by Alan Harkelroad, logos by Google Images and MasGrafx. All of these cars are on NNR if you'd like to download them: | Your Auto Racing...
  16. WinstonCup426

    My pipedreamiest car yet...

    I had wanted to do a modernized Morgan- McClure car for a while, but using Kodak was out of the question seeing as their financial situation is less than stable as of now, so I had to find something else yellow. I think this fit what I was trying to do quite well (especially seeing as the...
  17. WinstonCup426

    Paul's got mail!

    Base: RAH Numbers: SRD Contigs: Alan Harkleroad Logos: Bullring/Google/me Template: Italo Rapacci
  18. WinstonCup426

    On the lookout for a few Cup90 mips

    Anyone have the eye-windshield and Lightyear-tire mips that came with the awesome Pixar Cars Cup90 carset? I contacted Thunder98 awhile back but he didn't have the files.
  19. WinstonCup426

    Dale Jr. Modern Retro

    Decided to bring the 1999-2002 base back with Code Red. Base by NascarDesignGrafx and modified slightly by me, number and signature from MasGrafx, B-pillar logos by Gonzo, Mountain Dew Code Red logos by Google Images and MasGrafx, contigs by Alan Harkleroad, additional logos by Google...
  20. WinstonCup426

    Another Retro Scheme By Me (Gen-6 Mod)

    Template: Italo Rapacci Base images: SRD, fitted/arranged by me Logos: Deadpool, EFR, MasGrafx, Google Images, me Numbers: MasGrafx Signature: Google Images