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2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset BryceO84
2020 ARCA Menards Series East Carset for the Gen6BR_cts mod.
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - BRIS1 Hendrick9Fan
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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18 - Monster Energy Supra - PHO1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. Devin41

    NASCAR to limit "double-duty" drivers?

    From Jayski....
  2. Devin41

    IRS Says Montoya Owes $2.7 Million

    From Jayski: Guess he could ask Helio for advice on dealing with this ;)
  3. Devin41

    Kurt Busch to run IndyCar finale?

    Figure it would go better here than in the NASCAR Discussion section...from Jayski:
  4. Devin41

    2013 Mudsummer Classic @ Eldora Discussion

    Practice on SPEED right now...discuss away! Race is on Wednesday at 9:00PM/EST with qualifying races on at 7:00PM/EST all on SPEED.
  5. Devin41

    Laptop recommendations?

    So I'm looking for a new laptop...something cheap that will last quite a while. Something that can handle NR2003 would be a plus but not near the top of the priority list. Definitely not an HP Pavilion piece of shit that fries the motherboard in 9 months (n)
  6. Devin41

    Sad News...Jason Leffler

    ...was involved in bad sprint car crash in Bridgeport earlier this evening and has been airlifted to an area hospital. :(
  7. Devin41

    Antron Brown to test stock car

    From ESPN:
  8. Devin41

    GNS physics version of NCTS09?

    Just wondering if anyone might have a copy. I know it used to be up at Horton Motorsports but their site is no longer active. I've been trying for the last hour or so to convert it myself using the tutorial from The Pits with no success so i've given up on trying... Any help is super duper...
  9. Devin41

    Original LMPv2 Templates

    I've been looking all over for them the past couple of days and haven't been able to find them...hoping someone here may have them, more specifically the Dodge one. Thanks for any help (y)
  10. Devin41

    Mello Yello Gen6 W.I.P.

    Still a WIP, gonna work on putting/lining up the lemons onto the front end and the fender. Not positive if that's exactly how I want the green lines to line up but...ehh. Comments and suggestions welcome!
  11. Devin41

    Denny Hamlin Fined

    From Jayski: I don't really don't see anything wrong with that statement, he was just criticizing the racing. NASCAR just needs to quit getting butthurt over constructive criticism and use it to help the teams make the cars more raceable.
  12. Devin41

    Bloomquist to drive for KBM at Eldora

    From Jayski:
  13. Devin41

    It's Always a Good Time!

    Yeah about that title...that would the slogan for the Utah Grizzlies this year. Anyways, on with the car...made one last year and decided to make a new one slightly based off of the old one. Comments welcome! Base: Me Template: Nascar2011 on NNRacing Number: Masgrafx Sponsors: Google...
  14. Devin41

    Gives You Wings

    First paint I've posted here in a while. Comments and suggestions welcome :D CREDITS Template-Bill1947 from The Bullring Base-Paint by RAH Numbers-MRD Sponsors-SHD, BOTW Render: Ten0'rs RCC Chrome Rim Update used as well
  15. Devin41

    Windows 7 Help Please!!!

    Okay I just installed NR2003 on my new laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. I used the windows 7 no-cd patch found on page 2 in this thread: Was running fine last night, ran a few races, no problem. Then today...
  16. Devin41

    What the derp?!

    From the Pocono ARCA race. 2012 ARCA Pocono Alexs Gregory Crashes under the Pace Lap - YouTube
  17. Devin41

    Help please!!!

    Ok i'm about to do a fresh uninstall/reinstall but first I want to make sure there isn't anything else I can do to fix my problem. With every mod I have(BR12, BR11, NWS11, CTS09, LMPv2, Aer088, and DirtLM) I go into testing session and on every track it has the "Cannot load cars, cancelling the...
  18. Devin41

    Utah Grizzlies NWS11

    The Utah Grizzlies is my local ECHL hockey team and thought it would be a cool car to make so here it is! Available for download at NNRacing. *Credits* Template: Nascar2011 at NNRacing Base: Me Logos: Scott Huhn Designs,, Google Numbers: Masgrafx Render: Ten0r's Rendershop...
  19. Devin41

    Ward Burton is back!!!

    From Jayski:
  20. Devin41

    Aero88 Mod Help

    I'll try and detail this out as much as possible. I've googled this topic and have found nothing totally helpful. Anyways, every time I try to download the Aero88 mod v1.1 from any website, during the setup and get an error message popup that says "Could not copy file(s). (#3, Line 1)". I have...