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  1. bigdan48fan

    2018 NASCAR Silly Season *Rumors and Speculation*

    ThorSport splitting with Toyota and Cody Coughlin to GMS in the 2 Truck
  2. bigdan48fan

    2015 Sprint Cup #25

    Looks like a winner!!!!!
  3. bigdan48fan

    2015 Sprint Cup - #48

    I'm liking this!!!! Wondering if there will be a Kobalt version in black???
  4. bigdan48fan

    2014 Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway Race Weekend Discussion

    Pulling for the 24 4 and 31 as mad as I am about JJ I hope a Chevy wins it all
  5. bigdan48fan

    Greg Ives to be Dale Jr.'s new crew chief

    Love this move. Wish Greg was with Chase yet, but I feel this will be a seamless transition for Junior.
  6. bigdan48fan

    Trevor Bayne to race the #6 in the Sprint cup series full-time!!!

    I could see Penske putting Ryan Blaney in the 21 Part-Time
  7. bigdan48fan

    Dick Trickle

    It is cool to see what the local track Golden Sands Speedway in Wisconsin Rapids, Along with a bunch of the short track racers are doing to remember Dick. It is a shame he is gone.
  8. bigdan48fan

    2014 Sprint Cup- #48

    Love it!!!!
  9. bigdan48fan

    Sgt. Slaughter's Showroom

    That #9 is SWEET great job on it.
  10. bigdan48fan

    New Fox Ticker

    It seems that the ticker may have been moved to the top of the screen
  11. bigdan48fan

    2014 Sprint Cup - #33

    I believe Brian Scott is scheduled for like 5-10 cup races this year.
  12. bigdan48fan

    2014 #9

    I really like this!!! Noticed they are doing Manufacturer logos and roof logos too!!
  13. bigdan48fan

    Chase Elliott to Nationwide Series?

    I am excited to see how he can do in Nationwide, but I think he should also run the companion Truck/Arca races for a little more experience. I hope he is in the Hendrick stable for a long time. The future of NASCAR definitely looks bright.
  14. bigdan48fan

    NAPA cuts ties with MWR

    MWR pulled a NAPA No-No
  15. bigdan48fan

    burtonbraves '13/'14 Fics

    That #00 is awesome. That would look great on track!!
  16. bigdan48fan

    UIE 2013 Teaser

    Wow... Looks amazing!!!! (y)
  17. bigdan48fan

    2005 cup to gen6BR carset by schnitzl

    Looks Awesome!! Will have my download
  18. bigdan48fan

    Dick Trickle, 71, Dead from apparent self inflicted gunshot.

    So Sad. Grew up and still live close to his hometown.