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  1. Ratchet

    Quick Question

    After installing my copy of Nr2003 after years on not playing it, i noticed something. im running 40 fps on newer hardware, also its only using 14% of my GPU.... i would understand this if Vsync was on at 60 FPS, the game is not laggy, BUT, ony reaches 40 fps then dies out to 35 or so. Im...
  2. Ratchet

    Dale Sr. Sig (signatures in general)

    i havent been around the last few years on SRD or nascar painting in general, but, i remember i had more than a few spots to get driver signatures to add to my cars, ive been lookin around( or i just suck at looking) i cannot find any signatures sadly :( any help is appreciated
  3. Ratchet

    Classic Mixers looking for the classic mixers logo in this picture
  4. Ratchet

    2012 #48 Stars And Stripes

    this is a WiP being i dont have pictures of the back/decklid etc i have a base and will be finishing the sponsors tonight :)
  5. Ratchet

    2007 #48 Lowes

    Just got back into NR2003 and saw new template/viewer etc etc etc...... had to re visit my most favorite paint scheme of all time
  6. Ratchet

    Carviewer cup 12/ coming back to nr2003

    i have been gone for quite some time, just re joined the community again after getting a new pc (my old one died - that is why i have been absent) - i notice the new cup12 models are bit different and i do not have any viewer files anymore since i got this pc re installed my photoshop from disc...
  7. Ratchet

    My Home Track :D

    Michigan International Raceway is being repaved, but thats not my news story on it. Apparently, the drivers kept a small detail about Michigan secret. MIS is actualy and has always been progressively banked, 18 deg at bottom 21 at top, rather cool news for me but it was not enough for anyone to...
  8. Ratchet

    Cool banner

    I woke up this morning, did my normal internet biz...then logged onto find? Holy crap new banner...that looks freakin amazing....which excites me to hell...looks amazing if that is what it is, to me is plain bad ass even if it doesnt, (im using it, dont yell at me im not gonna ask)...
  9. Ratchet

    #24 Pepsi Talladega Winning COT from 2007 W.I.P

    DOWNLOAD | Your Auto Racing sim community my overall favorite for the 24 team
  10. Ratchet

    24 2007 COT Dega car logo help

    i have looked around etc but i still find myself lost while trying to fin the quarter panel logo's (Dupont) any help is appreciated. if anyone ends up finding any other co sponsor logo (even if i may have it, would be cool) the base is done for that car, and is epic
  11. Ratchet

    2006 #12 + #22

    I know im making alot of cars real fast, but I have been doing this soo long it is addictive to paint quality cars, it eases my stress, consumes endless hours and makes me happy about the final results Thanks in advanced - :)
  12. Ratchet

    #48 from 2006 on Br11

    This is for Jackson 24's carset idea. (also a question for a mod - is there a way i can upload my Honoring our Soldiers car to SRD? i would really love to :) )
  13. Ratchet

    2006 Champion JJ car

    Base: Me Template: SRD Logo's: Google Number: Masgrafx
  14. Ratchet

    got a cockpit question.

    Is there a way to make the cockpit view higher? (im not 5' 1" lol i hate this low cockpit) just asking because i cannot judge where im putting the nose of my car in 3-4 wide situations...ide really love it if there is a way :)
  15. Ratchet

    To all the Men and Women that Serve This great nation

    Thank all of the members current and retired of the Military that keep us free to do what we do even on our computers and in our daily lives, Thank you. Bryan Wertz
  16. Ratchet

    To all the Men and Women that Serve This great nation

    i would really love some special renders for these two, this is for my cousin (U.S. Marine) and my Grandfather that served in Nam and the Korean War (U.S Army - Silver Star/Purple Heart) Template: SRD bases: Me Logo's: Google Number: Masgrafx
  17. Ratchet

    Killzone 3 car !

    Base: me Template: SRD 2048 (ty nice temp) Logos: Google Number: Masgrafx
  18. Ratchet

    Back to the Tides

    (I fixed the front yellow bar thing) Credits Base: Me Logo's: Tide from SRD , the rest from google Number: MasGrafx Render: Hoosierdaddy 'bout 4 hrs to do that ;)
  19. Ratchet

    2 renders ;)

    I need two renders for two cars i made, (one for Lightning guy, one for my brother) I made the 2 completely from scratch, the 24 is off a base from RPD - ty
  20. Ratchet

    RR Daytona 2011 - 3 wide all within .001

    I thank all the painters that posted their schemes in the offline league thing (i thought they were freakin amazing paints so i got them and threw a carset together - if this is against rules im so so so sorry :( ) but these finishes dont fail me, thanks to TheJ for the outside line Reflap...