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  1. tmatt65

    TM Team Render Request (BRGen6)

    Requesting a 2 car team render of my main 2017 cars. It's a custom template designed for the Dodge model, hopefully it works on the renders. Thanks in advance. Edit: Since the files were too big to upload here, here's the link:
  2. tmatt65

    K1 Speed 2016 Chevy SS Render Request

    Just looking for some kind of render scene for my final personal creation of 2016. Thanks![user]=145764608&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  3. tmatt65

    Trademark Motorsports Team Render Request (BRGen6)

    Could I please get a team showroom render of my 2 main career cars for this season? I also included the team logo because I know some of renders use it. Thanks!
  4. tmatt65

    Issue with Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel

    I have been using this wheel for nr2003 for about 5 years now with no issues. For some reason, today I went to use the wheel and the built in sequential shifter isn't being sensed in game. Additionally, the pedals had always been on different axis in-game and now it wants to put them on the same...
  5. tmatt65

    #65 Chevy retro BR15 Render Request

    Could I please get a showroom and possibly an on-track at Darlington? Thanks in advance.
  6. tmatt65

    2015 Dart Render Requests

    Was experimenting with the Dart template with my personal schemes. Would like to request individual scenes, and if possible, a 2-car team showroom scene. Thanks in advance.
  7. tmatt65

    Patriotic Chocolate Gen6 Render Request

    Lame title, I know. Anyway, could I please get a 2-car showroom render of the cars attached. Additionally, if possible, I would like the Air Force car in a render like the one below, only where it says the team name behind the car, is it possible you could put my team logo (the third image...
  8. tmatt65

    Carviewer with Mods Issue

    When I go to open the files that come with the mod add-ons to CarViewer, it comes up with the generic car like it is suppossed to (in attachment "Carviewer2"), but when I go to open a flat to import using the "open texture" button under "file", instead of my car flat coming up on the 3D model...
  9. tmatt65

    US Air Force Gen6 Dodge Render Request

    Could I get a showroom scene and an on-track of my latest US Air Force Dodge? Thanks in advance. By the way, the wheels are meant to be the same gray that is on the side of the car. If that doesn't work, black is OK.
  10. tmatt65

    2013 NFL Gen6 Carset Showcase

    After making the original Seahawks car last week, I decided it would be fun to create an entire 32-team NFL carset. All cars will have the same base scheme and logo placement, just different colors and logos for each team. And after a fairly difficult process of assigning car numbers based on...
  11. tmatt65

    NFC North Gen 6 4 car render request

    Could I please get a 4 car team render of these schemes? Don't need any singles, just one team render as part of a carset I have started. Thanks in advance.
  12. tmatt65

    #12 Seahawks Gen6 Render Request

    If I could just get a some kind of showroom render that shows the front, back and sides of the car, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  13. tmatt65

    Nationwide 08 Mod Templates?

    Does anybody know where I can find the templates for the Nationwide 08 mod? I've been looking for a while but have had any success. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  14. tmatt65

    tmatt65's Cars

    I'm fairly new to painting, but I thought I'd display the cars I have done. Currently I'm not making my own bases, simply because I don't have the skills to do so yet. Well, here's some of my creations (most of which are just random fictionals. Feel free to post any thoughts you have about the...
  15. tmatt65

    2008 Nationwide & 2007 Trucks Carsets?

    I've been trying to get cars from 2003-present with the Cup, Nationwide & Truck series, but I'm having a really hard time finding the 2007 truck series set (PWF mod) and a 2008 Nationwide series set (Nationwide08 mod). I've looked everywhere I know. Does anybody happen to know where I could find...
  16. tmatt65

    2012 NCTS09 trucks

    Looks like Elite Paint Designs has released all 36 trucks from Daytona for the NCTS09 mod. Here's a link: EPD | Elite Paint Designs - Home