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  1. pimmy

    NR2003 Championship Season Help

    The filename is too long. Just call it 2019season or something.
  2. pimmy

    How Many laps?

    Speed = distance / time Time = distance / speed Distance = speed * time Basic mathematics.
  3. pimmy

    Slip's Showroom

    You never had to swap mods in and out. You can have up to 16 mods on one installation of the game and you can have multiple installations, so you can basically have an unlimited number of mods. Mods have never replaced every car in the game but you can't mix & match.
  4. pimmy

    Full NASCAR Races/Highlights that are not on the internet

    Here's something else he posted a couple of years ago:
  5. pimmy

    2019 FIA World Super Truck Championship

    Yeah and the likes of David Coulthard, Tom Walkinshaw, the McRae family and Ecurie Ecosse.
  6. pimmy

    pimmy's cars

    I've updated some of the 1970 cars that I'd previously released. Credits: Templates - Simthunder, Desmods, Delta Sim Racing Bases - Me Logos - Me, Wikipedia, Companies' repective sites, Google, Fonts Numbers - Me, Masgrafx, Fonts Fonts - Microsoft, dafont, Fonts Geek Please let me know if...
  7. pimmy

    AI hitting the Nitrous Button

    I've only had that happen once. Years ago in a practice session at default Daytona, one car suddenly started going about 230 mph. Haven't seen it since.
  8. pimmy

    Night Nazcar's 2017 Paints

    The door numbers should be slanted the other way on this one.
  9. pimmy

    Your Random Thought

    So, a pretty bad lack of safety regarding barriers on both sides of the Atlantic at the weekend, then:
  10. pimmy

    ASCAR / Days Of Thunder 2001-2002

    There was a fan site which is still accessible through the wayback machine. Some of the images still work.
  11. pimmy

    ASCAR / Days Of Thunder 2001-2002

    Reference material is quite hard to find for this series, unfortunately.
  12. pimmy

    Your Random Thought

    Oh look, somebody who gets it.
  13. pimmy

    Your Random Thought

    Sadly, Billy Monger has had his lower legs amputated.
  14. pimmy

    Your Random Thought

    No, I didn't take any photos. There's too much debris fencing in the way at Donington now.
  15. pimmy

    Your Random Thought

    I was there. It was one of those crashes that you could see happening before it actually did. I wasn't nice being able to only watch for two hours without knowing the conditions of the drivers.
  16. pimmy

    Something strange in PS 2

    Make the mask layer invisible, select the base colour layer, use the colour changer tool (not flood fill) to change the base colour.
  17. pimmy

    Warmakin's 2000 cars (in Original Mod)

    Good cars, one little issue though. The inner red #88 on the left side of the Jarrett cars is upside-down.
  18. pimmy

    pimmy's cars

    It's coming along, slowly...
  19. pimmy

    BTCC discussion

    There was some great racing at Knockhill!
  20. pimmy

    BTCC discussion

    Jack Sears sadly passed away yesterday.